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Examination anxiety or first position?

Ubqari Magazine - August 2013

(Syed Noor Alam Shah)

If the time for examination comes closer and you are not left with much time to complete your preparation it is essential that you choose such things which are the most important and learn them first, during this time do not pay attention to unimportant things and avoid doing things that waste time.

It’s our observation that success in life is defined by the methodology followed and for success in examination we apply the same principle. If some student wants to get the best marks in the examination, what methodology does he follow for the preparation of his syllabus. While preparing the syllabus for any class it is kept in mind that how much it enhances the students’ mental ability and following the same criteria, marking is done in the examinations. Few students secure the top positions, some get good grades or just pass the exams and others simply fail. If the students getting the best marks are reviewed, there is one thing common about them that they have completely mastered their books and they prepare the main subjects very well. If a syllabus is prepared for an year considering an average student it means that the syllabus is learnt by continuous effort and study throughout the year and if some student is very intelligent he/she can cover the syllabus in eight months but it impossible to cover one year’s syllabus in just one or two months.

So we can say that achieving the best position in the annual syllabus depends upon working hard throughout the year. For getting “A” grade, it is very important to do annual planning to prepare the syllabus, and while distributing the time for books, moving gradually from easy to difficult is also important as well. Usually four hours every day are enough for the preparation of school or college syllabus and during these four hours, one must fully concentrate upon the preparation. Some students define specific quantity of work they do every day instead of fixing time for studies, for example now they have to read some book, write an essay or complete an exercise.

This is also a useful method and the student feels happy by the end of every day that he/she is preparing reasonably and feels calm and satisfied after the study. If the time for examination comes closer and you are not left with much time to complete your preparation it is essential that you choose such thing which are most important and learn them first, during this do not pay attention to unimportant things and avoid doing things that waste time such as handling the notes, keeping the books in order, sharpening the pencil or filling up ink in the pen, placing the chair or table at better place or staying very much anxious that may leave the mind stop working. Start studying immediately and while writing down the learnt material feel like you are in the examination hall.

Examination day is the test of struggle and hard work you did and the examiner will evaluate the study you did throughout the year. All the success of the day will depend upon the knowledge you deliver in the answer you write. Usually the examination standard is set in such a way through which the students’ ability is exposed fully well. To perform well in the exams stop thinking about what the result would likely be; instead make a strong intention to use your entire capacity and expertise. No matter how humbly you think of your success but while attempting the paper you must determine to get a good position. A few weeks before the exams imagine every day that you are sitting in the examination hall and solving the paper with great confidence and repeat this practice continuously, this is how you will be able to perform with the same confidence on the day of examination which you imagined before. Prior to the exam, do write all the important points that you learnt for the sake of revision, eat some light food before going to the examination Centre so that you are not disturbed by appetite while you are attempting your paper.

It has often been observed that some students start talking or making jokes with their friends before the exam which is not right. It is better that before the exam starts, you silently think about your topic and prepare your mind to solve the paper very well, this is how you will not find it difficult to concentrate while you attempt the paper. To solve the paper, distribute the time accordingly for the questions which you have to answer that how much time you can give to answer a question. While writing the answer be especially careful to write only what is asked for example if you are asked to define something then stick to the definition do not go into its process and properties.

Now we come to those students who fail or cannot get good marks despite they prepare well for the exams. There could be many reasons for the failure of such students either they do not follow the instructions and write wrong answers without carefully reading that what is asked in the question paper, sometimes wrong  expression of the answer or imperfect style of definition also becomes a cause of less marks. These are the reasons for which the responsibility lies on the students but sometimes it happens that some sensitive type of students become nervous or anxious during the exams and whatever they have learnt vanishes from their mind. In addition to this, emergency problems such as being sick during exams, being stuck in a trouble or some accident may also affect the mind. After the exams recite “Surah Kauser” forty one times with “Durud Sharif” (eleven times before and after) every day after Isha prayer and pray for good marks as long as the result comes.

A tested practice for vastness in sustenance:

This practice for vastness in sustenance is tested by Hazrat Maulana Shah Abdul Aziz sahib. Perform ablution at 10’o clock in the morning and say four rakat Nafal Chasht Prayer, after the prayer prostrate and recite “Ya Wahabu Ya Razaqu” one hundred and four times. Repeat this practice every month for seven days, Insha’Allah will never run short of sustenance. This practice is tried by many people.  (Sidra-tul-Munteha, Sukkhur)

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