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How to keep safe children from loss motion and Diarrhea

Ubqari Magazine - August 2013

Either its winter or summers, with the start of rain mosquitoes starts attacking. Many Infectious diseases spread around. And on the top of the list is Diarrhea. It attacks all small and big but it is fatal for children. In Pakistan 5 lac children suffer from it and 2 lac die of it.

Main Sources of Diarrhea

Children are very sensitive; even a small change in weather and food can cause many diseases in them. There are many spicy foods in towns which can cause diseases of throat, stomach and chest. Pollution makes these things poisonous. Pollution and poisonous food are main causes of Diarrhea. Its germs enter from mouth into body. Dirty hands, water, and spoiled food are main causes of it.

Role of mother in defending Diarrhea

Role of mother is vital in the protection against Diarrhea. They can protect their children from loose motions by Hygienic food and they can make them aware about the information of health and cleanliness. They should wash thoroughly meat and vegetables before cooking. Cooking pots should be clean and washed. A new survey is taken in Bangladesh and Pakistan which tells that if mothers wash their hands before feeding the child, it reduces the chances of loose motions to a great extent. Proper way of washing hands is to wash them by rubbing them for 45 seconds with soap, because washing hands properly reduces 50% chances of loose motions. Furthermore cooked food should be covered to save from flies.

Method of making Delicious Nimkol

While suffering from diarrhea, water and minerals level gets low in the body of child. If this level of water gets too low, it can cause death also. So, mothers should start giving nimkol to child as loose motions start. If it is not available in market you can make it by yourself easily,

Method of nimkol: add 8 tsp sugar, half tsp salt, juice of one lemon, and one pinch of eating soda in 4 cups boiled water. Instantly give it to child. Usually children like to drink it. Keep giving them after sometime to fulfill the deficiency of minerals. Furthermore, rice water is also helpful in loose motions; to make rice water, take 4 cups water and boil one hand full rice in it, add one pinch salt also. Boil until rice gets soft, after that add half glass of water more, now blend this batter in blender, now give this paste to child to drink after small pauses. It can be given for 12 hours; it recovers child quickly. 

Which food should be given to children during loose motions

Usually mothers stop giving any food to child during loose motions but it is wrong, because child has already gone weak due to loose motions, then weakness increases when he does not eat anything. So, give him light foods like soft kichdhi, banana, rice and kheer.  Yogurt is also very useful during diarrhea. Porridge and custard of egg will also maintain health. But don’t give your child oily foods. Give him food after pauses, if mother feed child with her milk it will decrease diarrhea and growth of child will be the same. Here, mothers stops giving food and their milk to child, and also never gives nimkol, it makes child’s condition worse.   Loose motions usually finish in 4 to 5 days. If child is given water and minerals properly, diarrhea can never affect him. But if he is vomiting too, then consult doctor immediately.  Mostl mothers want to stop the loose motions but doctor never give their child medicine of stopping them because by doing this child’s abdomen swell and germs can spread in the whole body which is a dangerous situation, which can cause death of child. So, never give unnecessary medicines to child during loose motions. Give him a lot of water to save his flower-like freshness. 

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