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How do the Animals Wean?

Ubqari Magazine - April 2013

Maria Nawazish; USA

At last it was brought to me after 3 days.  Its eyes were swollen, injured face and lips bleeding, really its condition was very pitiable.  It watched me with beseeching eyes.  I smiled and allowed it to go back to its mother.

When mother animals wean their young babies, the conditions of young animals become so horrible.  They begin to feel lonely and depressed.  They try to console themselves through different methods and hence remain in sad mood for many days.  For instance when the mother bearweans her baby; it lies down by stretching its front legs and face downward.  It keeps on weeping for many days by hiding its face in it spout.  Some young animals suck the skin of one another and thus cause the hair fall of others.  The young seals spend their time by licking the back of their feet.  Their feet are swollen by doing this.  The kittens suck their tail in loneliness.

The young monkey and Breast feeding:-

Some female animals keep on feeding their elder young’s even after the delivery of new baby.  The example of sheep and deer can be quoted in this context.  This sacrifice or stupidities of mother sometimes cause the death of new born baby.  There was a chimpanzee monkey ‘Catty’ in the zoo of San Diego. Its first baby ‘Gerogie’ was three year old but she kept on nursing it. As a result the new born baby became weak.  Many attempts were made but no one was ready to give sacrifice.  At last we put some ingredients in ordinary milk that made it just like the milk of its mother.  Whenever it moved towards its mother, we thrust a bottle of that milk into its mouth.  Then gradually we succeeded in our attempt.

Different animals show different behavior in the process of weaning.  Some find relief while shedding off this burden and when their young ones move towards them, they bite or kick them off.

We had a novel example of motherhood in a zoo.  We had golden monkeys of Asami Race.  A monkey ‘Jetty’ gave birth to a new baby.  The guard of the zoo was surprised to see that the elder off-spring ‘Goldy’ was dragging the new born baby from the lap of its mother.  The horrible thing was that the mother was sitting silent and watching the scene.  Her attitude revealed that she herself was inclined to feed the elder one.  As a result the young baby grew weak in just two days.  When we entered their cage on third day, Goldy jumped at us, the guard caught hold of him and was captured in another cage.  Every attempt was made to keep Goldy at ease but no avail.  The guard played with him but when left alone, it began to cry and jump wildly.  It remained in this condition for three days.  At last it was brought to me.  Its eyes were swollen, injured face and lips bleeding, really itscondition was very pitiable.  It watched me with beseeching eyes.  I smiled and allowed it to go back to its mother.

Monkey’s Friendship with its Brother:-

That scene was very interesting and moving when Goldy met his family.  He went to the cage and sat at a place between his mother and father, it began to cry but neither parent paid any heed to him.  Then he went near his mother and sat just near her.  It seemed he had a spiritual pleasure.  At that moment, he saw his brother, his eyes became red with anger, and he growled his teeth and attacked him in a furious way.  But by that time, the motherhood had awakened in the mother.  She kicked Goldy off twice. At last he went away and sat on his father’s shoulder.  The guards told that he developed intimacy with his brother in the end.

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