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Win Hearts with Positive Attitude

Ubqari Magazine - April 2013

 Iqra Bilal, Lahore

We should not let ourselves feel that the other person is less respected than us. Instead we should highlight the good qualities of others with our positive attitude and our discussions. We should give them due respect which we expect for us.

Our society is considered as civilized one among other societies but it contains few aspects for which it can be compared to ancient civilizations. Society is the name of a setup which has some rules and regulations and those disobeying the rules are served with punishments that save the society to become imbalance. But now we are compelled to live in an environment which cannot be considered as part of a civilized society. Few people think that the inflation and agitation of anomic activities have affected the minds of people with negativity which is the reason for bitter attitudes among relations, people are getting distant from each other and put baseless allegations; actually they try to reduce their depression created by their circumstances.

It is worth mentioning here that do we get peace and relaxation after giving bitterness to our environment? Or it improves our circumstances and we are able to spend a relaxed and peaceful life? Never....! Instead we create more tension as besides inflation we add another problem of how to save the relationships that are being spoiled. Bitter words can reduce tension temporarily but later on, one feels embarrassed on his attitude, pain of losing moments of happiness and anger on his insult. If insulting others can resolve our issues then everyone should use bitter words, taunt on everything and call names on others every time, but this attempt will worsen the situation and distract our own attention towards performing our duties.

In fact the real side of picture is different and for this reason we feel bad that for lighting up our burden, we spoiled our image in others' eye and the problem remains the same. Then what is the use of doing so when we are not getting benefit and disturbing others too? How we can normalize ourselves in this era of social and economic crisis. Will people keep on moving by using bitter words on us and we should forgive them silently or someone taunts on us and we should surrender ourselves in front of them? No! By adopting such attitude, we will be considered among those who are considered as equal to those having no status and contribution in the society because those people do not make others realize about their value and the value of their silent emotions and feelings. Such silent, feeling-less and emotionless people are giving harm to the values of society similar to those who are creating troubles in the society with their bitter speech. They are being habitual of making their way by stepping on others and do not feel any hesitation after keeping others behind them because when those staying behind have no objection then why the people with bitter speech should not let them stay behind.

It is the need of hour that we should make our role so positive and constructive that no one should object on us and instead of making fun of us people should consider us as a source of guidance and inspiration and should follow us to adopt our way of living. First of all we should make ourselves realize that we are answerable to our lord who is the creator of everything, He is the lord of every one and giver of bounties for those who have faith in Him and even the lord of those who do not have faith in Him (Nauz Billah).

His creatures, including humans, do such ill deeds but He never stop bounties for them, we have no value and then we get disturbed from people when we have no permanent relation. If we realize that we are doing everything for Allah Almighty then there will be no worry in doing anything.

If we wish to bring positive change in our attitude then what we should do or what does a positive change in our thought means? It means we should not search for things in people for making fun or we should not hurt anyone with any of our deed. We should not make any one realize that they are less respectful than us or they have a low personality. Instead we should highlight the good qualities of others with our positive attitude and our discussions; we should give them due respect which we expect for us.

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