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Spiritual treatment of Mental diseases

Ubqari Magazine - April 2013

AashiqHussain Butt; Rawalpindi

If you are suffering through hysteria, mental weakness or headache, put right hand on head and recite this:

  1. 7 times Tawu’z and Tasmia اَعُوزُبِاللہ ِمِنَ ا لشَّیطٰنِ الرَّ جِیم ، بِسمِ اللہ ِالرَّحمٰن ِالرَّحَیم
  2. 7 times Tawu’z and Tasmia،and Surah Ikhlas
  3. 7 times Tawu’z and Tasmia and Surah Fatiha complete.

Say اللہُ شافی ،اللہُ معافی،اللہُ کافی and lift up your hand, and blow now on head of patient, you will feel your hand has become hot; don’t touch patient or ownself with that; just wash it. If disease is severe repeat it thrice, Insha ALLAH you will get rid of that. Give 5 rupees as sadqa after becoming healthy.

This amal is very powerful and authentic many have experienced it. I also did this on many people and Allah never refused me, especially tell it to those who have mentally retardedpatients in their families, by doing it regularly they can gain complete health and lead normal life.Do remember me in your duas whenever you do this amal.

 (AashiqHussain Buttt, RawalPindi)

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