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Ubqari Magazine - March 2013

Ibn Rashid Shamsi

The something happened next day and sooner the math’s period finished, there was scream and noise echoed in the class.  Murtaza Sb. got upset from this and he shouted when asking the class.

You aregiven a chance today but it should not be repeated next time.  Murtaza thundered and the students replied ‘Ok Sir’ but in joking style.

Murtaza was a teacher of Social Studies and used to teach that subject since long. It became a daily routine that when Sheikh Zahid finished his Math’s lesson, then the class started shouting and bullying.  As the next lesson was that of Social Studies so, Murtaza Sahib had to face all this.  He was tolerating it for two continuous weeks but soon got fed up and he gave a final notice to the class.  ‘Dear Mansoor! What happened to Sir Murtaza’ whisperedFurqan to Mansoor, ‘I don’t know but I am thinking about the same.Mansoor replied.  Murtaza taught the lesson and then came out of the class room.  “It seems that he was quite angry today’  ‘Today we were saved but tomorrow, we won’t be spared’.  Some gossip was going among the lads; actually two boyswere guilty and then the whole class would join them.  Murtaza Sahib was also looking for them as they had some bad reputation already.  Next day, the same thing happened; as soon as the Maths period finished, there were screaming and chanting all over in the class room.  Sir Murtaza, on entering the class room was so infuriated that he suddenly thundered and asked Salman and Akmal to leave their seats by adding that he had already witnessed then doing nasty things. ‘But we were not doing any wrong’Akmal tried to defend himself, ‘Yes Sir’ Added Salman “Shut up and be silent”.  I have reached my limit and wouldn’t tolerate it anymore.  Murtaza Sahib ordered them and they followed,Murtaza Sb. started his teaching while they were still being punished.  ‘Sir, please forgive us” Requested Salman.  Be silent and shut up.’  Murtaza Sb. Repeated.  After some time he looked at the watch and realized that it was 20 minutes since the start of their punishment Ok, Stand up and go to, your seats.  Murtaza Sahib finished the class and departed.

The next day the usual noise and shouting was all over the class, when Murtaza Sb. entered the room.  He stopped for a while and thought something and then smiled.

‘Today, we won’t be spared’ whispered Akmal.  ‘We will not study today’.  MurtzaSb said and smiled.  All students were stunned at that and were wondering what’s going to happen them.  ‘Today I shall have a chat with both of you’ pointed MurtazaSb to both Salman and Akmal.

The Allah Almighty has blessed man with logic, wisdom and discretion.  He made it superior to all the creature and then guided the whole mankind through His beloved Prophet

All his life and each of his deed is a guiding star for all of us.  The way he would sit or stand, eat or drink and all the routine matters even how to laugh and smile.  Our beloved Prophet would smile only and sometimes used to laugh too.  But he never liked a loud laughter.  MurtzaSb paused for a while then continued.

“According to a Hadith, the worst in condition a man can ever be, is while in a loud laughter.---- Once He  passed by a group of people who were laughing loudly and then teeth inside mouth were even visible.  Upon this He said, “If you see what I see, you would never laugh i.e. by remembering the death.  Now, he objected to their laughing even and you guys are shouting and chanting with loud noise.  Isn’t it against the way of our Beloved Prophet.  Even the Quran says that the worst sound is that of a donkey. Now you have to decide if you would like to be considered as a human or even worse than a donkey.  He fell quiet after that.

“Sir please forgive us.  We will never do that again, said Akmal and Salman simultaneously.  Murtaza Sb. Smiled and left the class as he was now successful in his objective.

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