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EAT fresh fruit and stay healthy

Ubqari Magazine - March 2013

(Professor Muhammad Saad, Islamabad)

Then the thought came to me that is this preserved apple like the fresh apple in its freshness and nutrtition?It is true that the fresh one doesnt have the sweetness like that of the jam nor additional smell.Even then the mind and knowledge support the fact that fresh fruit is the best.

During a flight, apart from fresh fruit, sweet smelling pieces of preserved fruit were also presented.Apart from their smell, their colours were also lovely.Majority of the fellow passengers instead of taking fresh apple were eating this preserve with great interest, rather by observing faces it seemed that if they hadreceived more of it, they would have eaten it to their hearts content. It is true that fruits presented in the form of preserve are superior to the fresh fruit with regard to colour, smell,taste, cleanliness and are also free from seeds and ease of chewing. Also cutting the fresh fruit and separating the seed is an additional task in itself. Apart from that, fresh fruits are not sweet like the preserve.

I also felt like eating the preserved fruit, dissolving it in my mouth and taking it directly into my stomach but then a thought came to my mind that is this preserved apple like the fresh apple in its freshness and nutrition?It is true that the fresh one doesn’t have the sweetness like that of the jam nor additional smell. Even then the mind and knowledge support the fact that fresh fruit is the best. Leaving fruits aside, all fresh foods are filled with nutrition. Scientific research proves that fresh fruit and vegetables are a gift of God which gives freshness, life and energy to the cells of the body. On the other hand tinned fruits in the form of preserve are dead which stay packed in boxes for months; before boxing them, their skin is removed, so in this way many fruits are stripped off of a healthy component like fibre.Then they are cooked so that no germs are left in them and are not created again in them either , and so in this way the persons preparing them try to protect them from material damage in every possible way. In this aspect they provide them monetary benefit but the end user doesn’treceive the vital nourishment that was present in that fruit. They contain neither health nor energy and nor their body defences get strengthened. Yes, taste of the tongue and mouth is temporarily satisfied fully.Apart from that, the process of making the preserve is also extremely long and complicated.Different chemicals are also added to it e.g. to make the colour more vivid, a chemical to cut the colour is added.In this way they look much nicer to the eye than fresh fruit.If necessary, additional colour is also added.To protect them and to prevent them from breaking or dissolving, special chemical agents are added.In some fruits, artificial fragrances and sweetness is also added.Apart from these, many other additions are also made which make the preserve look beautiful superficially.

But to tell the truth, these pieces of preserved fruit are totally useless. The additional sugar present in them, as opposed to the natural sugars present in natural fruit is ready to trap you in the disease of diabetes.Temporary energy is obtained but the performance of the gallbladder and the cells present in it which produce insulin are gradually killed and the process of destroying them slowly starts increasing.Nature has given you a blessing in the form of fresh fruit and has promised to give them to you in heaven as well.Do not keep yourself deprived of this blessing.You will not get their preserve in heaven that is why you should in this world not deprive yourself of the blessing of fresh fruit, their health providing capabilities, and nourishingcomponents. Eat fresh fruit; your body will also stay fresh and nature will also be happy and kind to you because it expects you to enjoy its blessings in their pure form and being grateful for it.


Whenever you are angry you should recite darood and your anger will subside.After every namaz, recite "WALA YAAAUDUHU HIFZU MAA"   وَلَا یَئُوْدُہٗ حِفْظُھُمَا  (fromayatulkursi) frequently and by the grace of Allah you will be protected from sins. Recite surahhkauser 129 times morning and evening and poverty shall be removed and many spiritual benefits will be attained (Muhammad Zahid Sultan Poor; Mailsi)

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