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Ubqari Magazine - March 2013

Abu LabibShazli                                                                                                              

“HazratUmmeKulsoom (Razi Allah o TaàlaAnha) was also married to HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu). And when she also expired by Almighty’s will, Allah’s apostle said: if I had another daughter, I would have married her also with Usman.”

After the demise of HazratUsman’s wife, HazratRuqaiya (Razi Allah o TaàlaAnha), a daughter of the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him), he met HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu) who was in a state of worry and grief. The Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) inquired his well being by saying:“Usman how are you?”HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu)submitted:“Ó Allah’s prophet, the grief I have faced probably could not be experienced by anyone else. Your esteemed daughter has expired and so hasour relation ended as in laws.” Hearing thisHoly Prophet (May peace be upon him) said:“What are you saying Usman? Allah’s angel Gibraeel has given me Almighty’s message that in lieu of Ruqaiya (Razi Allah o TaàlaAnha),I shall give in your wedlockanother of my daughter,UmmeKulsoom (Razi Allah o TaàlaAnha)on the same terms of her sister’s dower.”Therefore HazratUmmeKulsoom (Razi Allah o TaàlaAnha) was also married to HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu). And when she also expired by Almighty’s will, Allah’s apostle said: “If I had another daughter, I would have married her with Usman as well.”

Recitation of Holy Quran in a single Rakat.:   AbdurRehman bin Usman(RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu) says: “ I once (probably on the occasion of Hajj), was offering prayers behind Muqam e Ibrahim. I prayed for such a long time that I started wondering whether anyone else can surpass this duration of prayers. Suddenly, a person arrived and tried to gain my attention which I ignored. When he tried the sameagain, I had a glance at him. He was HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu). With due respect, I moved from that spot and made space for him.  HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu) started offering prayers there. He recited the complete Holy Quran in a single Rakat and returned back after completing his prayers.

First address after Caliphate:     When the members of the council (Shoorà) took oath (Baỳt) under the leadership of HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu), he was very heavy hearted. He sat at the rostrum (Munber) of the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) and addressed the audience. First he praised Almighty Allah (Subhan a huWaTaàla) and then offered Durood on the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him).  Later he spoke to the people:

            “You are in a house from where you will soon depart. You have very little of life remaining. Hence whatever good deeds you can perform, do so prior death. Death will certainly meet you either in light or dark. Listen carefully;this world is nothing but sole fallacy.

            Almighty Allah saysthat (translation):Hence do not let the world mislead you. Neither let that decoyer (Satan) deceive you from Allah.

            And from those who have departedlearn the lesson, work hard and do not be oblivious since the angel of death would never be oblivious of you. Where are those admirers of this world who cultivated and inhabited it and got benefited from it for long? Did not the world throw them away? Since Almighty has thrown away the world, you should also throw it away and pursue your afterlife (Aakhirà).

            In his Holy book, Almighty has explained both the World and the Aakhirà, which certainly is better than the former, by this example (translation):  And ó Prophet, explain the people the reality of worldly life as it is a place like where I have poured water from the sky and with which cultivation on land has become dense. And Allah is fully capable to do everything. Wealth and offsprings are the attractiveness of the worldly life.The everlasting good deeds are considered thousand times better by your god both in terms of reward and hope. “

After this address, people started taking oath (Baỳt) at the hands of HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu).

Last address by HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu):      The third Caliph, HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu), said followingin his last public address:

            “Allah Almighty has granted you this world through which you can earn your afterlife (Aakhirà). And for sake that you just keep belonging to it. World is mortal and Aakhirà will remain forever. Neither you brag for this mortal world nor neglect Aakhirà. Always give preference to Aakhirà over the mortal world since the latter will doom and we all will return to Almighty. And fear God as fearing him is the shield against his penalty and the means to reach his palace. And move with caution so as Almighty does not alter your state. And remain attached to your group and do not get divided into factions. And Almighty has blessed you so remember him as when you were enemies, Allah filled your hearts with affection for each other. Hence as Allah’s blessing you became brothers.”

Situation ofHazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu) during period of mischief:As attributed by AbulAshàt Al Sanàni, various speakers assembled in Syria, amongst whom were also several Sahaba (companions of the holy prophet). One of them, Marah bin Kaab(RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu) stood up and said: “If I had not heard a Hadith from the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him), I would not be standing.The Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) once mentioned about mischiefs and that theyare nearing as well.Meanwhile a person, with his faced covered, passed from nearby.  The Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) said that this person will be on right path that day. I got up to see that person. He was HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu). I turned his face towards the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) and asked “is it him that you mentioned?” and the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) replied: “Yes it is him.”

HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu)and passion for practicing Sunnah:Once HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu) was with some of his followers when a Moazzan arrived. HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu) asked to bring a utensil filled with water. He then performed ablution and said:

“I have witnessed the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) doing ablution the same way I have just carried out. After which the Holy Prophet (May peace be upon him) said that anyone who will do ablution as I have done and offer Zohr prayers, all his sins between Fajr and Zohr will be forgiven by Almighty. Subsequently when he will offer Asr prayers, all the sins he did between Zohr and Asr will be forgiven. Then when he will offer Maghrib prayers, he will be exonerated from all the sins he committed between Asr and Maghrib. Then he will spend the entire night in bed changing sides.And when he will offer Fajr prayers after ablution, all his sins between Fajrand Ishaawill be pardoned. These are the acts of kindness which will keep the sins away.”

The followers of HazratUsman (RaziAlla o TaàlaAnhu) enquired that as these are the Hasanaat (good deeds) what would be BaqiatSalihaat (the remaining comprehensive acts of kindness)?He replied BaqiatSalihaatare these words of Almighty(Translation):

There is no one to be worshiped other than Allah. He is unadulterated. All praises are or Allah. He is the greatest. Allah is the authority to grant power to perform good deeds and refrain from evils.”

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