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Ubqari Magazine - Feburary 2013

Imaan Ali; Lahore

 Very small or very big utensils often break while handling them especially from the corners. In both situations, the crockery cannot be used to serve the guests

Most of the products being made in industries worldwide are household items. A refrigerator, a computer or whether it be a common pin, most of the things are being produced to be used in homes. Most of these are kitchen related products. Kitchen is the most important part of a house. Mostly things that are used inside the kitchen are also used and brought outside the kitchen to be consumed.Utensils from kitchen are used to eat the food cooked in the kitchen.

CROCKERY, NEED AS WELL AS FASHION: Crockery is actually an important part of food but tasteful people have converted this need into style and fashion. Guests invited over lunch or dinner pay more attention to the quality and beauty of crockery placed on the dining table. Some ladies even check the glass and plates upside down to know the companies information of these crockery, so that their dining table can also be adorned with them.

Crockery and utensils used at home are of different names and kinds. Thiscrockery is prepared in Pakistan and other places in the world. The main issue is selecting the crockery with the best shape and shine for oneself.

One has to check his need and budget while selecting the crockery. Similarly, the kind and quality of the crockery is also taken care of for example, if you want to buy a dinner set then you will find Ceramic, marble, glass, melamine, crystal, plastic etc in the market.

These utensils are found in Italy, turkey, France, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Taiwan and China apart from Pakistan. Their usage is very common in Pakistan.

A dinner set is sold from the price range of 1500 to 50,000 in the market based on the type and style which are bought by different people accordingly to their own taste. Sometimesthis price may even be more than mentioned. These utensils have become a part of fashion and are in and out of demand like all other fashions. The ladies tend to gradually avoid buying the same type of dinner set.  Instead they prefer buying separate and less quantity. This also saves their budget and the needs are also fulfilled from time to time.

DO NOT HASTE IN BUYING CROCKERY: Some intelligent ladies never haste in buying crockery as it’s something that should be long lasting. Apart from this, very heavy crockery is also not in fashion these days.The crockery weight should be easy to handle and usedfor eating in them. Usually the utensils for common use and the ones used by ladies are of different kinds and their choice also depends on the price.Common use crockery is not to be used for serving the guest. This is the reason why ladies prefer to have special crockery at home. Nowadays, there is so much variety of colors in crockery and the manufactures also tend to offer more color and variety in them. At present, besides white color crockery, otherbeautiful dark and light colors are also being used.

Usually, a light utensil loses its life quickly as compared to others. Therefore the thickness of sides should be checked while buying the utensils. As far as size is concerned, it should be taken in to account the size of the utensil should be easy to be used and washed.

Very small or very big utensils often break while handling them especially from the corners. In both situations, the crockery cannot be used to serve the guests. Therefore plates should be bought which are averagely thickand their corners are evenly balanced. Heavy glasses should not be bought as they are difficult to hold and thus break. Long glasses are usually used for drinking water and medium/small size for other drinks. This is also taken care that there are not many cutting in the design of the glass. Such designed crockery is not balanced from the corners due to which it is very difficult to clean them. The dirt remains in the cutting of glass hence the glass remains unclean even after washing.

If cutlery (spoon, fork and knife) are not discussed with crockery then the discussion remains incomplete. Cutlery is usually made from metal which is polished and chromed later. If the corners of the spoons are balanced, it looks more attractive. High quality cutleries are manufactured in Pakistan and mostly this is only used in the whole country.

WISH OF EVERY HOUSE-WIFE:Every lady wants to be praised on the dining table. People should appreciate her cooking as well her etiquettes. These appreciations should also come from the head of the house or her husband who actually pays for these shopping. Staying within the budget & purchasing crockery is a test of women’s taste as well as intelligence. The variety available in the market today has made this challenge easier. This is the reason why ladies today are successful in collecting different variety of crockery.

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