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Ubqari Magazine - Feburary 2013

What I saw, heard and thought
From the Editor’s desk

ANewly-wed bride wrote a letter to her husband who was working in a foreign country. She wrote, “Dear Husband. Money can be earned at any age; youth lasts for few days and it passes quickly. Will I wait for you for years and line my hair with silver? Will I rub the bright henna from my hands? Should I take off my anklet and keep it for my daughter to wear as my age is passing? The tinkling of anklets seems nice only in youth. Should I lock the wishes and hopes of my youth at some place? I have loved you with my eyes; your words spread sweetness in my ears; your smile frees me from the fatigue of the domestic chores. Will these feelings be satisfied by your photo? No! Dear husband; not at all. Please come back. I am ok with hunger; I am ok with old clothes but this youth& your children need your presence. These feelings need your support. I have waited a lot; do not make me wait any more.”

Readers! While writing these words down, I am tear-eyed. Whenever such lives approach me, I writhe. My inner Hakeem Tariq screams, why? That live will end up sobbing&smoldering for the attainment of assets, wealth and money. Are assets, wealth and money everything? A woman was accompanied by her 19-year old daughter and telling that it’s her engagement ceremony & her father has promised to send her the engagement present. I was pregnant with her when her father left for Italy & hasn’t returned since then. I have heard he re-married there. This is how his life passed & I have aged waiting to hear his knock. She was sobbing. Then she handed over a paper to me in private on which her sins were mentioned, the sole responsibility of which goes to her husband. Will his dollars, pounds, euros, dirhams, dinars, riyals free him from his wife’s accountability on the Day of Judgment? Will he be relieved? Definitely not! A woman shared that my son has turned 8. His father went to Cyprus few months before his birth and never returned. My son has seen his father’s picture through net & vice versa; they have not seen each other physically. My son says when I go to school, my friends say that our fathers come & meet the principal and the teachers; your father never come to drop you; don’t you have a father? I am tired of giving explanations to my class-fellows; I do not have a justification. What should I do? From where should I bring justifications; I am fed-up. I do not have the source; who should I question?

Readers! Astray children is a reason for the wide-spread sins in the society but a major reason is father-deprived children & husband-deprived wives. What should she do? After all, feelings are attached with their life too. Are men responsible for the sins of women? Yes! This is reality; this is true. Men are the convicts; not women!

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