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Spiritual remedy for toothache

Ubqari Magazine - January 2013

Toothache is so painful that only the afflicted person knows its severity. It is as painful as a scorpion’s sting. The following tip has been found as quite working for that. In 1 litre of water, pour 1 tola of phitkari(alum) and boil it. When the water boils, add 12 g clove, 12 g of cinnamon, 24 g bark of kikar(babul tree),60 g sugar and 120 g of table salt. After 2-3 boils, remove the water from heat and cool it down. Pour it into a clean container. Then recite this ayah 41 times and blow on the liquid and ask the patient to gargle with that water. The pain would vanish instantly. The ayah isas following; Surah Al Inam(6:13)

وَلَہٗ مَا سَکَنَ فِی الَّیْلِ وَالنَّہَارِ وَہُوَ السَّمِیْعُ الْعَلِیْمُ 

The same ayah should be recited while placing the index figure on the aching side cheek 7 times with Bismillah and ask the patient ‘ firongharaqshud’(MayPharaoh be drowned). The patient should be told in advance that if he still feels the pain, he should say ‘nogharaqshud’ but when he is relievedshouldsay ‘yes; gharaqshud’. Make him gargle as well with the above mentioned liquid.

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