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Ubqari Magazine - December 2012

Readers! I pick precious pearls for you and do not conceal. You too, become generous and do write

EDITOR: Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi Chughtai

An illiterate villager-looking was sitting with me with much respect, affection and courtesy. He listens to my dars on cassettes and has been reading UBQARI since many years. He travelled and visited me from far and had brought a special giveaway for me. There is no doubt in his sincerity; may ALLAH grant me such sincerity as well. He said, “I have been reading your medical experiments and observations since years. I have read your book ‘Tibbi Tajarbaat-o-Mushahidaat’. Each formula is the life of TIB, secret of the heart and exemplary. I choose one, then the other, then the other; I feel like kissing and keeping all of your prescriptions.” While saying this, he was tear-eyed due to respect.

I offered him tissue which he took decently and kept in his pocket and cleaned his face with his shirt. He continued, “I tried these formulas in situations where incurable diseases had swallowed lives of patients as well as pockets. Home had become forsaken and deserted. Your prescriptions gave such support that I am amazed. I am surprised that Hakeem Tariq enjoys sharing whereas people enjoy by concealing. People consider hiding an art while you consider sharing as your skill. The habit of liberalism which you have formed is very rare in the world of TIB. Anyways, he was much praising. I told him that as I share so many formulas so you should also share something but with the promise that I will not keep it with me and deliver it to millions of readers of UBQARI. Readers wait for my observations and tried experiments. I will make all efforts to deliver it to the distressed humanity whose hearts are troubled and pockets are empty. Illnesses have deserted and finished homes. Physicians are becoming richer and patients are becoming poorer. My desire is to deliver those things to the troubled humanity which is either buried for years in hearts or lost in old books so that this decade of science should get back that sense. The old tips of the antique world are still very effective as they were like before; just like a shining pearl.


He said that yes of course, I have brought a present for you. He then added:

Desi garlic (peeled):                                        8 grams

Desi green ginger:                                          16 grams

Desi green mint:                                              16 grams

Sour Anaardaana (Pomegranate seeds):        16 grams

[Incase of unavailability, mint and ginger can be used in their dried states]

Use a spoon of the above, thrice a day with breakfasts and meals. After sharing this with me, he shifted his posture, took out a small box, kept niswaar in mouth and looked around for spitting it. I offered him tissue and asked him to clean his mouth with it. He got very pleased; cleaned his mouth and was about to keep it in his pocket when I forwarded the bin towards him and told him to relax and throw in it. He said, “I have tried this chutney on diabetic women, feminine diseases, and gastric ailments. Diabetic patients whose wound have reached the last stage and have become gangrene and surgeons have advised to get it cut, or advised to operate and get that diabetic-area cut, please do not be worried or loose hope. You can make this chutney and refrigerate it. Just use one spoon thrice a day and see its miraculous effect. It cures diabetes of the last stage, heals the wounds, and heals the wounds which seep blood and pus. Diabetic patients, who have swelling on their feet and legs such that it leaves impressions on pressing, used this and found it to be very effective. Use it if there is inflammation in any part of the body. You can also decrease the quantity and take half a spoon or less. Anyways, be it swelling of feet and calves, old wounds of diabetes etc. A person had got a part of his body cut i.e. five toes but the menace of diabetes keeps on increasing in his body. Now the surgeon advised to cut feet till his ankle. He was a distant relative. When I got to know, I made this chutney and took for him. As he was a rich man, it took me half an hour to convince him about the benefits of this chutney. He said, “I do not trust these tips as they worsen the case but I am trying it as you are my well-wisher. The doctor has given me an anti-biotic and will cut my feet after 1.5month anyways. It does not matter; half feet was cut before and the rest will be gone now.” I told him, “Use this chutney with belief and relax. It will save your feet from being operated and will cure your diabetes.”

If you feel nauseated, cannot digest well, take medicines for gas (wind) all the times and cannot go for walk, your stomach is bloated, indigestion; everything will be cured. Indigestion, gas, dryness, constipation and acidity; everything will cure and you will feel normal. I left a small box of the chutney with him and prayed to ALLAH to keep my esteem and that he may use it. I received a message from him after 2.5 weeks to see him. When I visited him, I was shocked to see him sitting with the support of pillows as in my previous meeting, he could only lie down. His face was shining. He met me very warmly. I was served a lot of delicious and mouth-watering food. He said, “Firstly, I want to apologize, should I call it disbelieve or excessive money, I never believed in these tips. That day, I tried the chutney due to your excessive insistence. Initially, I felt burning which I considered as eliminating of the disease, its better for the enemy to be removed rather than letting it stay. I continued using it. It relaxed me. I felt as if through my urine and stool, the pus is leaving my body; my wound also starting seeping filaments. After a week of usage, I quitted the anti-biotic. My heart called out that I do not need this, I was much relaxed as the wound was healing” He uncovered and showed me his wound. Previously it was the size of a hand and now it was the size of a coin and it was not deep anymore. It was grape-color and itched a lot which is a proof that it’s healing. He then added: “My gastric-issues have improved a lot. My digestion had messed up due to the continuous use of anti-biotic and I felt unease all the time. I felt the need of being pressed the whole day. My sons only visited me for attendance and my servants were tired of pressing me. Now my body is fresh, I feel perfect and sleep soundly. I eat everything and it digests well. I feel active. He kept repeating, “My feet got safe”

The villager, whom I will call a physician now, was sharing this sincerely and was receiving appreciation through my eyes. I really appreciated him that it is all because of your sincerity that you have put in so much effort. He then shared many more incidents with me where diabetic patients found relief. He said, “My father used to tell it to people and made it for few as well. He died at a good age 17 years ago. Since that day I have been giving it to people and my father gave it to everyone for 70 years. Be how old a gastric-disease be, cholera, dysentery (need to pass stool right after meal), bloating, swelling of feet / calve due to belly, constipation, arthritis, worse cases of diabetes; this was my father’s full and final healing formula which when tried with belief, resulted in their health and healing.

Readers! The villager-physician’s formula is an amazing antibiotic which whoever used, gave the message of recovery and health. You also use it for diabetes, gangrene, old wounds, inflammation of feet / calves, and all gastric diseases and then see its 100% miracles.

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