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The state of my heart; What I saw, heard & understood

Ubqari Magazine - April 2021


The state of my heart; What I saw, heard & understood


Magic affects every walk of life


Magic on the eyes, magic on the ears, magic on the heart, magic on the thoughts; magic can be done on every walk of life. After all why does Tasbeeh Khana keep sharing the practices, words and prayers of protection narrated from Prophet Muhammad ﷺ ? Lest we fall victim to some magic or magician who attacks our health, wealth or even worse. When a person moves away even slightly from the remembrance of Allah, his attention towards Allah wavers and he becomes heedless to his relation with Allah, that’s when magic attacks. “A moment of forgetfulness is a moment of disbelief, thus it is, that my spiritual teacher taught”. Stay alert at all times & try to keep continuously reciting the prayers & practices prescribed by Prophet Muhammadﷺ  and if you do then no magic or magician’s attack can harm you.


I realised he’s a Magician!


First incident: I was passing through a street in my neighbourhood, I saw an elderly man who was telling a woman things of value, then he picked up a pebble, placed it on his palm and turned it into sand, then after few moments he put the same pebble on his palm again and it turned into sugar, brown sugar & sugar candy and asked her to taste it. I realized that he was a black magician. These neighbors were pious & innocent people and I reckoned that within a few minutes he’ll rob them of everything & leave. I started counteracting his spell and in my heart I started reciting to break it. After only a few moments he suddenly turned towards me with a jerk and said: Mr Molvi (Religious person) go about your own business! I said: alright. And I kept reciting. My presence was not appreciated by the woman either. Still I kept reciting and after a few moments he turned again and with great emotion & rage in his eyes said: leave otherwise you will face extreme loss! I kept quiet and kept reciting. After a few more moments whatever it was that he wanted to do was not happening and at last he blew at me angrily and said: “You took away and finished whatever I had” and he left. The woman had come under his spell, she yelled at me saying: he was a pious elderly man and he was praying for us, what problem did you have! I left quietly. After a few days it turned out that the old man had robbed many houses in the neighborhood and that this was the only house that didn’t get robbed. Now that family came to apologize to me that we did not value you and we were saved from being robbed.


Took cement off the wall, put into his mouth & it turned to sugar


Second Incident: Received a letter. “Assalam u Alikum! A strange thing happened to me on Thursday, a person came to my shop and said in a low voice that you offer salat but you don’t perform nafl prayer, before you used to offer Tahajjud (prayer) now you don’t offer that either, I was stunned because only I knew these things and no one else. Then he asked me to get him some tea, I gave him 20 rupees which he refused and returned. He came and sat down and asked me to give him a paper which I did. He took a small piece and gave it to me saying hold it & make a prayer which I did. Then he said rub the paper in your hand, when I rubbed it and opened the crumpled paper I was surprised to see that out of nowhere it now had something written on it. He said this paper has come from Medina and gave me 50 rupees saying perform Hajj (Pilgrimage) and also take your parents, I asked him his name but he did not tell me. Next he asked me to bring him a pebble from outside, which I did. He gave me a pebble and said pray and make dua for whatever you want. When I did, the pebble turned into a red jewel. I was astonished! Now he said take out whatever money you have, I took it out and he said: shall I take it? I said: No!It's all I have and I need it as well because I have to pay off a loan. I added that I am millions in debt because of marriage. After listening to what I’d said he said: come here and sit with me, when I sat down he said to me: break off some cement from the wall, I broke it and he recited something on it and divided it into two pieces, ate one piece himself and put other piece in to my mouth. When I tasted that cement the taste was sweet. Then he said takeout whatever money you have. I uncontrollably did as he asked. He said: put all the money in my hand, I gave it up without hesitation, he took 4 or 4.5 thousand rupees and left and I just sat there quietly. I couldn’t even stop him. When he had left then I thought why did I give him the money? Hazrat! This incident broke me and brought me to tears.”


There are 7,000 rupees in your pocket, give them to me!


Third incident: A person narrated that this incident happened with my nephew. He said he went on a bike with his friend to a famous market of Lahore to buy a juicer machine. On the way at a roundabout an elderly man came in front of the bike, my friend was driving and the man said to him: you have seven thousand rupees in your pajama pocket (continued on page 58)

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