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Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


Tib-e-Muhammad ﷺ¬ Wa Aal-e-Muhammad (سلام اللہ و رضوانہ علیہ)
(Choice: Allama Abu Aoun Haider Naqvi aka as Kami Ahmed puri)

End of Extreme Pain in Stomach, Kidney, and Intestines

Imam Jaffar Sadiq علیہ السلام said: “The carrot is very beneficial for colic pain (pain of intestines, stomach, and kidney) and piles disease. It increases the strength and heats up the kidney.”

Modern Scientific Research

Modern medical experts say that carrot contains vitamin A, vitamin B, C, and many other natural ingredients that are very important and beneficial for human health.
Safety from Cancer: According to research, antioxidants are present in reasonable amounts in the carrot which stops the growth of cancer cells. According to American research the women who use carrots regularly, are less likely to have breast cancer.

Cholesterol Control: With the use of carrot for a few days, cholesterol level decreases.

Reduces Obesity: The less quantity of calories and more fiber make it such food that helps to decrease obesity.

Eye Diseases Control: It is acknowledged through scientific research that the carrot not only sharps the eyesight but also heals the blindness disease.

Cure of Heart Diseases: By eating carrots the chances of heart diseases are less.
Normal Blood Pressure: The carrot is full of potassium and potassium plays an important role in normalizing the blood pressure.

Increase in Immunity: Carrot consists of Vitamin D and A in an excessive quantity that helps increase the immunity in the human body. Carrot increases the number of white cells in our blood and these cells recognize the enemy, do attack, and kill them.

Cure of Constipation and Stomach Diseases: The fiber is present in excessive amounts in carrots.

The Wonder of Meat and Beetroot in vitiligo
Imam Ali Naqi سلام اللہ رضوانہ علیہ said: “The curry of meat mixed with beetroot is very beneficial for vitiligo patients.”

The Research of Medical Science

The person suffers from this disease when the cells that give the skin the natural color stop producing specific colorful substances. The disease of vitiligo attacks due to the increase or decrease of the melanin cells. The daily use of beetroot helps these cells to remain in good condition. The beetroot is a vegetable full of nitrate, which is changed into nitric oxide after digestion that helps in the expansion of blood veins. This vegetable contains excessive use of anti-oxidants which helps in safety from deadly diseases. This healthy vegetable helps in getting rid of many diseases. Meat is full of proteins and they have key importance for the growth of the human body. It produces anti-bodies by overcoming the weakness that is produced as a result of metabolism in the human body and the body is safe from different kinds of infections. Due to eating meat, red blood cells are produced in the blood.


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