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Chest infection allergy! Will Certainly be cured within 15 days! My tested one

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


Chest infection allergy! Will Certainly be cured within 15 days! My tested one
(Bilal Ahmed, South Africa)

Respected Hakeem Sahab Assalam-o- Alaikum! May Allah reward you with goodness and keep you healthy always. There was a prescription published in the Ubqari Magazine 2018, which was sent by Shagufta from Patoki. I had a bad seasonal cough, got a lot of treatments but there was no success/ couldn’t get any relief. My parents are in Pakistan and are so fond of reading Ubqari magazine, I heard about Ubqari from them and started reading Ubqari online, I am residing in South Africa, I tried the prescription for cough, and to my surprise, my cough was vanished just by the use of two weeks Alhamdulillah! Now I am writing it down for Ubqari as a continuous charity so that millions of readers and more people will get the benefit. Moreover, I pray for the sister who sent this prescription to Ubqari to be published and Ubqari published it. Whenever I raise my hands for prayer, I do remember that sister. May ALLAH reward her well. The prescription was published in the edition of May 2018.
This is as followed: (HUWAL SHAAFI) take one medium size glass of honey, one medium-sized lemon, and one tablespoon of white glycerin. Boil the lemon in water on low flame and let it cool, then cut it, take out the seeds/ deseed and squeeze it in a glass of honey then add one spoon of glycerin in honey and mix it at least for fifteen minutes. To mix well, take a half spoon before going to bed, and don’t drink water. That lady whatever mentioned this prescription was 100% right give it a read

“I come up with the prescription which is for pollen allergy, dust allergy, allergy from smoke, chest infection, even for every kind of allergy it works 100%. Someone gave this prescription to my father, made for innumerable people for the sake of ALLAH, my father bought the ingredients to my mother and she used to make it.”

Request to the readers is don’t hesitate to use it has no side effects.

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