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Wrote Durood on a paper! Sister-in-law survived a horrific Accident!

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


Wrote Durood on a paper! Sister-in-law survived a horrific Accident!

“Sallu Alaihi wa Aalihi”
صلو علیہ و آلہ
Respected Hakim Sahib, Assalaam u Alaikum! May Allah be pleased with you and bless you with favors in this world and the hereafter, Amen. I have been a reader of the Ubqari Magazine for the past ten years and I got a lot from it. I have been trying for quite some time to send some gifts for Ubqari but didn’t have the courage. Finally, I am trying to write something for the first time. I hope you will publish my writing in the Ubqari Magazine.
Hakim Sahib! It’s a true story of my life. My happiness had no limits when this incident took place and I wanted to share it with everyone. This credit goes to the Ubqari Magazine that today I am sharing this true incident with my Muslim brothers and sisters. Reading this story will refresh everyone’s faith and the love of Durood Pak will increase in their hearts.
This incident took place in 2005, one year before my marriage. An educated and refined family lived in the upper portion of our house. I had a good friendship with their daughter-in-law. We both loved the good dressing. Whenever we buy a new dress, we used to show it to each other. I used to stitch myself while Bhabi (My friend whom I used to call Bhabi) got her dresses stitched by the tailor.
I was angry with Bhabi
When the holy month of Rabi-ul-Awwal arrived, I got muscle strain in my leg. My aunt came to see us; she said there was a very competent physiotherapist near her house so I should go with her. I went to my aunt’s house for a few days. I got recovered and came home on the fourteenth Rabi-ul-Awal. I didn’t meet Bhabi for a day or two. I was angry that mom had told her about my condition but she didn’t come to see me. The next day when I was going out, I met Bhabi at the gate. I expressed my anger that she didn’t ask about my condition. She was also angry with me because she also had an accident about which I didn’t know, and according to her I didn’t ask about her. We exchanged our concerns and let go of the dissent. She took me upstairs to her room and started telling me about her accident, “Saira, It was a miracle! Three days ago, I went somewhere with your brother on a motorbike. The motorbike was quite fast and there was a speed-breaker ahead that was not visible due to darkness. The motorbike bounced and I rolled on the ground on my face and chest but I didn’t get hurt at all.” My brother stopped the bike and got her up. He was also surprised that she had fallen so badly but her face and chest were not injured. Even her clothes were safe too. Bhabi was telling happily that she was saved from big injuries due to the blessings of the holy month. I said, “Bhabi! No doubt that it’s due to the blessings of this holy month that you were saved from any big loss.” While


discussing this I asked Bhabi to show me the dress that she got stitched. She said, “I washed that dress in the morning, it must be dry now, let me bring.” After a while, she came back holding her shirt and started showing me, “this time the tailor made the neck with so many borders. I gave him some other design but he made this.” She told that she was wearing that dress on the night when the accident took place, “I was wearing this when I fell.” I had never stitched that neck before so I turned the shirt over to see how the tailor made such thin borders. The moment I turned over the shirt and saw it, I screamed out of happiness. I told Bhabi what was the actual reason for her being saved from the accident. There was a small piece of newspaper attached with the border upon which it was written, “Sallu Alaihi Wa Aalihi” [صلو علیہ و آلہ]. I had tears in my eyes out of happiness. I said to Bhabi, “You had this Durud Pak on your chest, that’s why your chest and face were saved from being injured.” This is the glory of Durud Pak that Allah has shown us in the form of this miracle as Bhabi had washed the shirt but that small piece of newspaper was still secure on which Durud Pak was written. Tailors use newspapers for stitching borders and remove them after preparing the dress. This was the most beautiful incident of my life. (Saira Zulfiqaar, Lahore)

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