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Not only black magic but curses also ruin

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


Not only black magic but curses also ruin
Readers! There was an incident of curses with us, my aunt who lived in my uncle's house, my uncle made her sad, used to beat her every day and did not even bring food and drink. He did not even bring oil for cooking. She used to make curry without oil if salt finished he did not even give money and she would sell uncooked wheat and bring salt. If my other uncle used to advise this uncle, he would beat her (my aunt) like animals then it finished on divorce. My aunt used to pray badly that the daughters of this family will never see peace, effects are now appearing, we all sisters have egoists husbands and we have no place in in-laws, these are effects of that curse. An uncle's daughter has cancer, The same uncle's granddaughter got divorced with four children, My brother's house was ruined. That uncle who divorced my aunt, his daughter was living in his house for a long time after marriage. Now she is settled after a long time. The husband was already married. Uncle's granddaughter is living in her parent's house with six children, I have been living in my house for four years, in-laws and husband do not pay. May Allah protect us from the effects of the curse. May Allah Almighty end this series here. Ameen
Father-in-law, drunkard, adulterous, and abuses all the time
Father-in-law, drunkard, adulterous, and abuses all the time. Fighting with wife all the time, fighting despite being old. Today, her children are in such a situation that a daughter got divorced from her uncle's house, one son does not have children, the second son died at the age of 23. The hardship of the provision has reached the extreme. 51 thousand rupees rent comes, yet there is a shortage of provision. The effects of curses do not let go there is a loss in every business they do, there are quarrels, fights, and troubles. From your (Hakeem Sahab) given spiritual practices, there is some peace in fights, But there is a lot of shortage in sustenance and loss in business. This is an effect of curse don't know who has given.
For memory! Be sure to do for the first position

اَللّٰهُمَّ نَوِّرْ قَلْبِيْ بِنُوْرِ الْعِلمِ وَالْفَهْمِ مِن ظُلُمتِ الْجَهْلِ وَالْوَهْمِ
Meaning: “O’Allah! enlighten my heart with the light of knowledge and understanding and (protect me) from the darkness of ignorance and delusion” Keep reciting it on the go all the time. Memory will be strong and sharp. If the student does, he will get a position in the examination. Very successful practice, whoever did it with firm belief got what he/she wished. Especially writing this for the Ubqari readers. In sha Allah! Whoever will try it, will get the benefit. (K, Lahore)

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