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From Mantra to Durood Sharif- Tasbeeh Khana has changed my words

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


From Mantra to Durood Sharif- Tasbeeh Khana has changed my words
(Zain Lahore)

Respected Hakeem Sahib. Assalam u Alaikum! Before writing anything, I want to say that Tasbeeh khana has given me a lot of benefits and bounties and due to this connection now I do not utter words of disappointment. Also, I always think that glass is full and I do not say that glass is half empty. Hazrat! due to a weak memory, I thought whatever thing I remember I write at once. Now I write.
Recently one of my friends showed me a video of mine which he recorded in 2011 secretly, after watching that video I felt that Zain just thank Allah that Allah has chosen you for Tasbeeh Khana otherwise what was you and what you used to tell to other people, just watch yourself in this video. In that video, I was in a fast-food shop at Moon Market in Lahore and eating a burger with my friends and having a style of disbelievers, which means keeping a French beard on my face. To keep my friends smiling I was saying why do not I tell you an incantation through which you can never be hungry and all your needs will be fulfilled. Should I tell you that incantation? They said yes.
So, I said that incantation is (give in the name of Allah). At that time, I said to them that I am that BABA Bubble gum and from that Baba bubble gum this is an incantation, go to the road and say this incantation and just see you will get money or not. I saw this video and today I have forgotten, when I saw this video again so I feel ashamed but also, I became happy. Why I became happy now I write that. Just see the phase of your life when this video was recorded and today after getting connected to Tasbeeh Khana your thoughts have become so much pure. You have read my video era, and which incantation I used to tell but I also tell incantation (Means wazifa) to people now. After reciting that no one will die out of hunger, not even their generations will. Insha’Allah. That incantation (means Wazifa) which I tell now is Darood Sharif. This is a grace of Tasbeeh Khana that in the previous life what the incantation was that I used to tell people and in today's life what incantation (Mean Wazifa) I give to people. In the previous incantation, if someone reads it, he will get money but with all disrespects and only for him not for his generations and punishment of hereafter other than that but if someone will read my other incantation (means Wazifa) he will get money with respect and for his generations as well, now it is up to the seeker to how many generations he has sought for. From true Allah. I pray from Allah that who has invented the internet just give slavery of Prophet SAW to him and his generations till the Day of Judgment and those who are spreading good through the internet, may Allah keep their generations flourished forever. There was a time when this internet was a flaw for me but now when I started searching for Allah, Allah has made this flaw of mine a skill, and now I earn only from the internet (Alhamdulillah). Another thing I forgot to tell you is that when I used to tell incantation to people, I had a French beard at that time and now the incantation (wazifa) of Durood Sharif that I tell to people and InshaAllah will tell till my death while telling this incantation there is a Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) i.e. beard adorned on my face. What a great favor it is, thanks to Allah!

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