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A huge mistake in my life is that I did love marriage!

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


A huge mistake in my life is that I did love marriage!

Respected Hakeem Sahib, Assalam u Alaikum! I was wandering in the darkness of heedlessness, found Ubqari and it illuminated my life. I did many mistakes and one of them was a love marriage, with the passage of time I came to know that my husband is a debauchee and a liar, he has a habit of theft, also does not properly do the job, I kept on admonishing him. I taught in the school and also gave tuitions. I have a son after that I could not have any child, did a lot of treatment but could not succeed. After the birth of one son, he taunted me of infertility that if you will not give birth to another child I will divorce you and do second marriage, then some years before he started an affair with someone, he used to talk with her the whole night, on my protest he beat me, in short, that man made my life difficult, he used to do immoral messages from my mobile to my friends and students secretly, then he did a second marriage. My in-laws knew his every action that’s why all were with me, I did a mistake of love marriage but under all such circumstances, Allah attached me with lectures and preachings, offering Taraweeh in gatherings has become my routine. I forgave him for the sake of Allah on his second marriage and not for giving me expenses and I took my son and started living in my mother's house. When he saw that everyone says that wife is at right then he started to defame me that I am earning money from some illegitimate ways. Then everyone from the house said that just get separation from the person who is not able to save your respect, just take divorce then I got separated. After separation I got some time to read Ubqari magazine, I asked forgiveness from Allah then started different recitations (wazaif), due to which my poverty ended, and now there is Barakah in earnings. I recite Surah Quraish seven times after every Salah with Darood Sharif in start and end, Surah Al Maeda v no. 114 in the morning and evening, for debts I recite Ya Azizu 100 times. I also recite Surah Waqiah in the nighttime. I got a bag of Barakah from Ubqari Office, I recite Surah Kusar in the morning and evening and blow on that bag, and it’s a blessing of Allah that I do not spread my hands other than Allah to anyone. May Allah bless Ubqari with a lot of success, I gift Ubqari magazine to others so that others can also take benefit from it just like I got the light other will also get it, whatever I read also tell to others that recite this you will get your heart peace, this daughter of yours is much thankful to you. (R, N, Karachi).


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