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Announcement!!! New Packing with new Name while formulation, effectiveness and healing power is same like previous. Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Daily problems of Farmers and Ubqari’s easy tips

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021


Although I am not a farmer but take farmer-friendly tips from me!
Daily problems of Farmers and Ubqari’s easy tips

Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahib, Assalam-o-Alaikum! Our entire family read Ubqari Magazine with great interest. Every month, we wait for it desperately. Every volume of Ubqari Magazine is amazing and beneficial. We are not peasants but we do try farmer-friendly tips on our pots. Our farmer friends can try these tips in their fields. Tea that we throw after making tea if we through that used tea in the pots or fields as fertilizer then the fruits will bear fruits abundantly, and the plants will grow. It is tested that the water in which we soak rice, vegetables, or pulses that is discarded cold also be poured in the fields or pots.
Another tested experience is that if there are cuts on the body of a buffalo then apply stove ash on its wounds that is
prepared with buffalo waste. Within three days the wounds will be healed. If goats have itching then massage mustard oil after mixing sulphur in it, itching will be cured within three days.
Spray this water!
For Limitless increase in yield
Respected Readers! This is an amazing spiritual act. Especially, Farmer friends must try this. It is tested by many farmers. Write
اللَّهُ نُورُ السَّمَاوَاتِ وَالْأَرْضِ on a paper and wash it (or soak it) in 1.25 kg water and sprinkle that water in the fields. There will be a limitless increase in the yield. It is a very easy act.


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