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The State of the Heart

Ubqari Magazine - January 2021

From the Editor’s Pen
The State of the Heart
What I saw, heard & understood



The poplar tree and the squirrel

It is a fact that intentions and emotions affect hearts and lives, be they human or animal. Let me tell you a recent story from last month. Went to Ubqari Haveli. There is a big poplar tree and with it, another banyan tree is there. We have tied with them large earthenware pots with millet, sugar, and rice in them. Birds eat, and squirrels too. I don’t remember a human being ever coming and even passing by a tree and a squirrel sitting satisfied, confidently, and quietly. Of course, she escapes to save her life, but I was very surprised that day. I was looking inside the vessel tied under a sacred tree in Ubqari Haveli. Is there any anchor of birds in it? The squirrel sat on the mouth of the pot, neither scared nor frightened, nor ran away. I was surprised and suddenly realized in my heart that Allah has put in its heart that this is the who becomes the source of this food. So, this is my benefactor, not the enemy! He is not a hunter but a beggar of Allah’s treasures. And through this, I am getting this food. This is the passion that was in its heart and it did not run away, but I saw her eating with satisfaction and confidence.

Pay attention! You Will be successful

There are hundreds and thousands of such incidents which have spread in society for our understanding and comprehension. Just two incidents are enough for a human being. If one pays attention to them, will be prosperous and will always get honor, comfort, goodness, and blessings. Let us keep an eye on our intentions and passions at all times. It is these intentions and passions that will bring us honors and heights. So, keep an eye on your intentions and passions at all times. According to Shah Abdul Aziz Duajo (May Allah have mercy on him) used to say: It takes time to burn bread on a griddle, it does not take time to change one’s intention. I am an inhabitant of a dessert
Listen to another incident. I am the inhabitant and beggar of desserts. I travel far away to the border, not for hunting, but the love of Mustafa (PBUH) and the spirit of divine love of Allah. One day a hunter, although he was familiar with paths. You know very well that if a person goes astray even a short way there, the result is death. Vultures are hovering there all the time. Right now, the breath doesn’t come out and the vultures start plucking. I have many incidents, observations, and experiences and I have been lost there many times. The water also finished and the petrol of the car also reached zero and Allah’s help came and we came out of this thirsty desert. Just like that, one day while traveling in the desert during the day, the sun was shining, the deer were running out of the front of the car, and while driving the car, a sigh was coming out of hunter. And he was saying, “I’m amazed that we go so far in the darkness of night to look for deer, but we can’t find them.” Sometimes we get a deer of our luck on the hunt. Today, in broad daylight, the deer are right and left in front of our car. Allah put in my heart and I said these deer are not running away, in fact, these are all those who read the inner passion, understand the subject matter. It has come to their heart that it is he, who will not harm us. There is no passion for hunting in his heart, not the passion of killing rather the passion of feeding because of this the deer are not hiding but appearing.
Keep an eye on each person’s good qualities
Remember that intentions and emotions affect all human beings and animals. We do not seem to notice the effect of changing our intentions and changing our intentions or the deterioration of our emotions, but it can affect even dumb animals. Doesn’t it affect human beings and human beings don’t judge it? We should look at the virtues of every human being and have good intentions and passion for every human being and it is this intention and passion that gives human beings progress, honor, success, and goodness.

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