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Green tea is very beneficial for human health.

Ubqari Magazine - November 2020


Muhammad Aleem Nizami, Lahore

Green tea is very beneficial for human health.


According to health experts, most of the diseases originate as a result of obesity. Use of oily foods makes one suffer from obesity that’s why doctors emphasize to avoid such food. Ladies not only do exercise to get rid of obesity but also try some tips. According to a research green tea not only helps in calories but it is also good in taste and very beneficial for health. According to a new research green tea is very useful for those who diet. People who use green tea in their routine life they have good health.

Apart from this it also restricts bacteria from causing plague in teeth and food poisoning. Hot green tea burns calories and in winters it makes us feel warm. It started from china but now green tea has become part of so many cultures. In present time, tea is most liked drink and green tea is in trend for so long.

Research has proved that green tea protects causing cancer of stomach, large intestine, liver, pancreas, chest and lungs. It plays a vital role in protecting against heart diseases. It reduces cholesterol and thins blood. The chances of dangerous heart diseases lessens.

Green tea also contain caffeine particles that give more loss less benefit to human body. Health experts suggest to take green tea two times a day. Excess use of it can cause insomnia, anxiety and muscular disorders. Excess use of green tea can cause irregularity in heart beat which can lead to high blood pressure. Often use if it lead towards high exchange of water from body. Which leads to drowsiness, weakness, headache and loss of appetite resulting in acidity in stomach. It can also cause constipation because of dryness in intestine.

Health experts say that green tea is miracle amazing for human health. Its real function starts when it goes in stomach and gets digested. According to new reasearch EGCG meets with DC4 cells in body and helps to increase immunity.

 Stops from causing cancer and brightens the face also. It contains magnesium, zinc and vitamins that work on specific temperature otherwise they are of no use. That is why water for green tea should be boiled between 81 to 87 degree otherwise it becomes bitter and tasteless. Old people used to say that it helps in controlling cholesterol in body, which is proved by medical experts now. Latest research tells that women who take green tea regularly, they are less likely to get cancer. 

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