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Why didn't my parents let me marry when I was 37 years old?

Ubqari Magazine - November 2020


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How my life changed?

Why didn't my parents let me marry when I was 37 years old?

Dear Hakeem Sahib, Assalamo Alikum! once my mother told me that to be ready tomorrow I have to take you to meet a person. The next day my mother, brother and we came to meet you.

You mentioned that there is magic going on from my mother's mother and we are the fourth generation of witchcraft. You mentioned everything and my mother started reading amal given by you. I didn't know you before, so I listened to you, but after a few days I came back to my regular life. You instructed us to listen to dars at home.  I also used to listen in my spare time. One day, on my way back from duty, I would sit with my mother and listen to dars lessons

That dars topic was in Marriage. I listened to it carefully and everything about my life opened on me.

The pain and sorrow awoke in me, then I joined in the prayer and cried and prayed to the Almighty. The bad life began to change. I started doing good deeds. Today I have changed. I am praying.  How was my daughter and my clean life and how do I lived, I will write it little bit. This lesson is for parents as well as for crime. Dars Ubqari Magazine is changing lives. I am the sole breadwinner of my home. I have to pay for everything from someone in the house to household resources. My brother's work has not been set up till today. Education is low so my brother has not got a job. I am 37 years old I am unmarried till today no proposal has come to me I am highly educated and earn decent salary to run house but still never I have got a proposal. We were raised by our uncle I was 20 years old, still wanted to get married, but I couldn't get out of such a trap in the cycle of price till today. Desires do not allow to live. Emotions are not a man's inheritance.  I want to get married and build a house but no one came. Everyone knows that my mother did not pay attention to me. She just wants me to keep running the home. Praise be to Allah. I am pure Never did I commit a sin to be ashamed of. I am forced to fight with myself, I am tired, I have no peace, no sleep, and no peace, there is no such thing in life, I am just a machine, I am on duty in the morning and go to sleep at night.  Friends of the same age have become mothers of two to three children. Today it seems like I have become a combination of hidden diseases. I will go crazy. Now sometimes I get angry on my mother and brother that they have ruined my marriage.  So after listening to dars, I started doing deeds and amals. Now I offer prayers and recite three tasbeehs of Allah Akbar daily,

يا خالق يامصور يا جميل.   1 tasbeeh daily. I recite the Tasbeeh of Istighfar a thousand times a day on the basis of one.

سلام على نوح في العالمين.

1 tasbeeh regularly. These deeds have given me a lot of peace. Now my face is glowing. My heart is satisfied. Inshallah, this problem of mine will be solved very soon. I also listen to the dars myself. I also I have distributed Ubqari magazine in office. I also have a heartfelt appeal to my mother’s to have mercy on the girls. If she is not opening her mouth due to veil and shame, do not play with her feelings. If it’s time for them to get married then let them marry.


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