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Three Years Later, the Eyesight Returned!

Ubqari Magazine - November 2020


Good Friends: if you have such friends who let you know your mistakes instead of flattering you then you are wise that you have chosen the right and good friends.

Three Years Later, the Eyesight Returned!

(Principal (R) Ghulam Qadir Haraj, Jhang)


Respected Hakim Sahib Assalam o Alaikum! I have been reading Ubqari magazine for previous thirteen years. It has benefitted a lot of people, have read experienced observations and experiments of countless people, and have send my own observations in Ubqari that have been published too. Today, I am here with another observation for the readers. When I was student of primary class I had very sharp eyesight that I could easily see two to three stars at the sky in the day. One day after Asar prayer, I was examining the direction of the sun that in which direction it was moving by making the circle of my finger and thumb of my right hand. My goal was to find out that the movement of the earth will be opposite to the direction of the sun. And because of this my eyesight became weak. I got retirement in my 60’s and my eyesight was very weak. Then for three years I could only see blurred visions and recognized the familiar men by their voices but didn’t reveal the reality of my eyesight before anyone. The eye specialist doctor told that I had glaucoma and did operation of one eye. The doctor removed the sclerotic of my eye and I completely lost my eyesight. Then there was puss in my eye. The doctor recommended six injections, twelve thousand rupees each, the puss stopped with them but I lost my eyesight.


Insha’Allah The Eyesight will return:

Gradually, I lost the eyesight of my second eye. Except one doctor, all said that this eye had glaucoma and it is cureless. The eye specialist of Faisalabad said that it is not glaucoma and your eye will be cured. During this I started to recite wazaif such as after every obligatory prayer recite (فکشفنا عنک غطاءک فبصرک الیوم حدید: ق 22) seven times at my fingers and touched my eyes. A friend sent Hadees and I recited its wazifa too, “the person who do the following wazifa will be safe from the four diseases, blindness, paralysis, leprosy and insanity (you have to recite this three times after Fajar prayer) (سبحان اللہ العظیم و بحمدہ لا حول ولا قوۃ الا باللہ)”. A prayer was in Ubqari magazine, the abstract of it was that the person who recites this prayer by seeing the patient will be cured from that patient’s disease. (الحمد للہ الذی عافانی ممن ابتلاک بہ و فضلنی علی کثیرا ممن خلق تفضیلا) So, I recited this whenever I saw any blind and weak eye sighted people. I got a precious wazifa from a pious man. Recite 313 times “Ya Allahu Ya Salamo” (یا اللہ یا سلام) Darood shareef before and after. It is efficient for every kind of disease, trouble, and problem. I recited all these wazaif with my heart. A friend sent me to doctor Muhammad Javed for checkup. He took picture of my eye and sent it to America for advice. After a few minutes, they answered that do not touch it right now. Get advice after six months again and gave a medicine (drops) for eye. I went to the doctor after six months. He checked and said now we can touch it. They did a laser treatment through machine and said the result will be seen tomorrow. The second day it had opened my mind, my eyesight was 6/6 without any glasses, I came into a new world. Allah blessed me and made me able to read, write and travel again. A beloved friend of mine did prayers for me by holding the cover of Kaaba in Ramadan daily. The people did special prayers in Masjid e Nabwi ﷺ­. My student prayed that O Allah please take my eye and in return give eyesight to my teacher.




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