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There will be Comfort in the World Because of Me!

Ubqari Magazine - November 2020


Death before (real) Death: The person who does friendship with jealousy or envy does not have long lasting self or soul. It kills him before his death. (Hakim Hippocrates)


There will be Comfort in the World Because of Me! 

(Sheikh ul Wazaif hazrat Hakim Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzubi Chughtai Damtu Barakatuhum) (Excerpt from weekly Spritual Lecture)


My respected friends! Allah is angry! And we will have to please the Almighty through repentance. Someone asked a saint that how will Allah be pleased? He said: by crying in the lonely nights and keep feeling guilty all the time by saying that I am the culprit. And this is such state that pleases Allah Almighty.


اللھم انی ظلمت نفسی ظلما کثیرا

لا الہ الا انت سبحنک انی کنت من الظلمین


The saints said that by reciting the above verse, all the problems are solved. And I have described the detail of this verse in my lecture today. This verse is holy. O Almighty! I am guilty and Glory is to Allah, o Allah I am the tyrant, i have done wrong to myself, I have been cruel to myself. I am very sinful. Now the person confessed and Allah has taken the decision of mercy, generosity and blessings. Until every person will say that I am guilty, all the feud is due to me and it will end then it will definitely end! There will be comfort in the world because of me then definitely it will be. My sinful life can cause a storm in the world. My lie can be the reason of storm in the world. My deceit can cause storm in the world. My bad deeds of loneliness can cause storm. Rather all this storm is because of me. Until everyone admits it, it will not be the sight of Allah’s mercy but His sight of wrath and anger. Everyone will have to do this. I am giving you a lesson today! It is a very unique lesson.


Salvation in Getting out of Blaming Psyche:

We are spending our days and nights with blaming psyche, India does this! America did that! England has done this! That institute did this! The police did this! The politics does this! Someone did that! The person who has blaming psyche can never be reformed.

Double Loss: I say to my companions who live with me here that if I say something (or scold you) to correct you and if you have blaming psyche then you will think all the day someone has  complained about me, with this thinking you will not correct yourself in your life. You will not be able to get close to all for the rest of your life, you will search that person who complained. The time spent on reform will be spent on blaming. The loss will be double! Today as a nation it has become our temperament to blame the president, minister, younger, elders, infidel, Muslims, and to blame everyone. There is blaming in gossips, newspapers, magazines and on internet and media too. Because we want this, we will not buy the newspaper if there is not such news in it which we want. I talk in a unique way, if you think deeply being a Muslim; you will think that I am saying true.


Allah is seeing! The caravans of the family of our Holy Prophet ﷺ­were passing through the forest, they were hungry. There a shepherd was grazing goats. They asked for a goat to fry it to reduce the hunger. The shepherd said “I am only a shepherd; I am not allowed to sell these goats, their owner is my master.” One of the family members said to him as a test that your master is not watching you, say to him that a goat was taken away by a wolf. The shepherd looked at the sky and said that if my master is not present but where will my Allah go? The Almighty is watching me. The family of the Prophet ﷺ­ was generous too. They searched the master of the shepherd and bought all the goats and that slave shepherd, then freed him and gifted all the goats to him. (Continued)

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Stop! Read! How to settle a Daughter’s broken Home:

Respected Hakim Sahib Assalam o Alaikum! We read Ubqari magazine with great interest. We can’t find peace without hearing your lectures. We are doing wazaif you told in the lecture. Your spiritual lectures run all the day at home. We have been blessed a lot. Impossible things become possible. There was huge problem in my daughter’s home. Both husband and wife had come to the point of separation. You told wazifa of (حم لا ینصرون) in a lecture. We recited it day and night. Allah has mercy on them and the situation became better. Now, she is happy in her house and will be happy Insha’Allah by the grace of Allah. Another benefit of wazaif is that there was a wedding in my daughter in law’s family. She quarreled a lot for the jewelry. We couldn’t give her the jewelry but the time passed with dignity with your wazaif. Otherwise, we were very scared and worried. It is the blessing of the lectures and the spiritual pearls present in them. (Hidden’ Rawalpindi)


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