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Grandfather made a fake degree, then work on interest! Generations poor!

Ubqari Magazine - Monthly Ubqari Magazine October 2020


Grandfather made a fake degree, then work on interest! Generations poor!

Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahib, Assalam o Alaikum! I wish you all the best. It has been almost eight or ten years now. May God reward all those from whom you have benefited and are now imparting this extensive knowledge to us by some means. May He raise their ranks and grant you and your descendants a healthy life so that the welfare of the people may be enhanced. So that the chain of the welfare of people will continue like this forever. Go back almost 50 years from today. Our foundation started with lies and fake degrees. My grandfather migrated from India to Sargodha and came to Mandi Bahauddin from Sargodha. He made his home here. My grandfather made a fake degree because of the supply in matriculation.

 Because of this, we bought the agency of the tea leaf company. The work spread throughout Kent, Taxila, and the surrounding area. Our grandfathers, my fathers, and uncles used to distribute. Everything was fine. Our house became like a mansion. Business expanded. Grandfather also opened a huge general store. Also, buy two cars. With the passage of time, my father and uncle got married and indulged in extravagance. Then it was not known. Grandfather was seduced by the devil and he started an interest in the tea leaf business. Now I don't remember taking or giving interest but started working on interest. That day was just the beginning of the devastation. Gradually, everything came to an end, interest took everything with it. Grandfather suffered a stroke and his brother suffered from high blood pressure. He passed away after a nearly two-year illness. We moved into a rented house. There was no work, no business, and no money. Father has been unemployed for about 25 years now and is now 54 years old. Mother started sewing. An uncle got a job in POF. We all lived in a joint family. After the death of grandfather, two aunts and four uncles got married in a very impoverished manner. I have three brothers. The eldest brother matriculated and started working at the petrol pump. He has been working for fourteen years. (Hidden)




The result of disobeying the murshid! Destruction of the house, humiliation of destiny

Dear readers! My hands are trembling as I write today, but it is a fact of life that when your mentor, father, or elder forbids you from something, you do not seem to see any form of denial, but when the mentor forbids it, it is forbidden. You will know very well from the words written by me that I have made this mistake and I have paid the price for it. I saw a match somewhere for my son's wedding. The girl came to us in a very dignified manner with a headscarf. The parents also behaved very simply and humbly. We were very happy that we got decent people.

I consulted my mentor. My mentor said, "Don't have to get married here, otherwise this girl and that family will disgrace you and bring destruction to your peaceful life" and did not say anything after that. I wondered, "Where can we find such pious, simple, and good people?" Perhaps I could not tell the Murshid about them properly. I liked those people very much. We put the murshid's words behind us and told the girl's parents that we don't need anything, just give us a simple nikkah because they had six daughters. We told them that we don't want dowry. Rather, we will do whatever we can for the rest of your daughters. Rejecting the word of the Murshid, we married our son in this house. Readers, believe me, this girl started showing her true nature on the first day, but I remained completely silent, thinking, 'If the couple is happy, does not matter if they don’t ask me, but this girl's movements don’t hide for long.' Everyone who comes would be surprised to see her and say that your daughter-in-law is unlike you, so I told people that she is a girl, she will be fine. 

Readers! One day I dreamt that my mother, who is no longer in this world, came to me in a dream and was very upset, and I saw that my son's room was cluttered and everything was turned upside down. My mother is very upset to see this stuff, so I am crying and saying, mother, my son's house is ruined. When I opened my eyes in the morning, I was worried because it was only twenty days since my son's wedding and in those twenty days, he got up twice at night and came to my room, and fell asleep. He lied that I could not sleep on such a high foam mattress while he was very upset inside. But I was hiding my worries that my mother would not get upset. When I told him my dream and asked him to tell me the truth, my son burst into tears and cried that my mother we had been having betrayed. This girl has no dignity. Twice she tried to strangle me while I slept at night, which caused me to fall asleep in your room. When I'm in the office, I'm worried that she might do anything to you. Readers! My condition worsened on hearing this. My son took me to the hospital in the middle of the night. Well, this girl had made me and my son mentally tensed. Sometimes she threatened to stab herself, sometimes she would injure her hand with a razor. When my son was not at home, the girl was about to run away from home. She was just opening the gate. Suddenly my son came and grabbed her and took her upstairs while I don't know when she sneaked down. Well, we called her family. When they came, we told them everything. Her mother said, "I told you not to do that. You did the same thing again. Probably spend some time because they had put in the girl's mind that after the child do what you want but the girl did not wait.  She told the parents that it all happened because of you. Yow did not ask me my wish now you suffer. We implored our hands and told them to take their daughter. We can't protect her. They took the girl with them and after a few days the girl's parents came to our house and handed me the list of the girl's things and asked us to collect our girl's things and we will pick things in two or three days. And send us the divorce notice. I was alone at home at that time. I quietly grabbed the list. They were just leaving our house when my son came. He said, "Aunty, you are going; have food. They came inside again. My son asked, "Is everything fine?" She said, "We came to give the list." Send a divorce notice to our daughter. My son said aunty sit down and find a solution but the girl's parents started insulting my son which made my son angry and bitter. I calmed my son down. The girl's parents were walking out of our house when my son started to close the door and we didn't know that ten or twelve boys were standing outside with them. They started beating my son and tried to take him away. When I tried to stop them, their women also tortured me and when the neighbors got together, they all ran away. The people in my neighborhood are very nice and they know what kind of people we are. Then my son decided to divorce. In three months all the proceedings were completed and then we were relieved. I remember the time my mentor told me not to marry my son to this girl. We disobeyed the murshid and suffered the consequences. Readers! My mentor is Shaykh-ul-Wazaif Hazrat Hakim Muhammad Tariq Mahmood Chughtai. May Allah protect you and your descendants and the whole team of Ubqari. Ameen. (Hidden, Lahore)

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