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Please recite "Ha Meem Layunsaroon" in large numbers for the protection and help of Hazrat Hakeem Sb, his generations, and Ubqari organization. Recite and spread. Important Change: Earlier, the Halqa e Kashaf ul Mahjoob (The Circle of Revelation of Veiled) used to held every month after Salat Maghrib. Now it has be rescheduled to morning soon after the spiritual glow of the Great Name of Allah, so that the travelers can go back to their homes conveniently.

Tried and tested benefits (Wazaif) for household issues!

Ubqari Magazine - Monthly Ubqari Magazine October 2020


A solution to get your daughter married:

Dear Hazrat Hakeem Sahib Assalamo ALikum! I am writing this letter just to thank you, I did not know of you and Ubqari's institution before. My youngest daughter's teacher distributed a book to all the girls in her class (Azmooda wazaif sai gharailu uljhano ka hal) My daughter brought that book home and placed it in the cupboard with the Holy Quran. My daughter's marriage had been stalled for the last five years; many People would come and see her but not return. She was engaged for two years, and then suddenly that family started arguing over a small matter and terminated the relationship. One day I came upon this book and read a paragraph relating to our current situation, it suggested that After Fajr prayers, recite Ayatul ul Kursi eleven times and after Isha prayers, first and last three times, recite Durood Sharif and ‘’Ya Wahabo یا وھاب  ’’ three hundred times. I started reciting this especially with the intention of getting my daughter married. Less than 21 days had passed since a family came and they saw my daughter, met us and said yes immediately, but we wanted to know more about the family and their living style before making any commitment, they invited us the following week to their home, where we met their son he was by the grace of Almighty was very religious, has his own business and as per the teaching of Prophet Mohammad SAWW his face was adorned with a beard,

Within two months my daughter got married, today my daughter is the eldest daughter-in-law in the house and they have given her more love and respect than their daughter, our son-in-law respects and takes care of us as he would his own parents.

This was the reason that we started reading Ubqari Magazine and now we also listen to the lessons. And by the grace of almighty I still have this book.

Bushra Sheikhupura.


A thousand books and a daughter's recovery!

My daughter was having severe convulsions and her condition was very bad. She also had a very high fever. She had been in the hospital for the last few days. The doctors were unable to, I was worried. I was reading Ubqari magazine and reading a topic of some tested act that he distributed “Azmoda wazaif say gharalo uljhano ka hal” and what he got benefittes, it was written. I suddenly stand up, take out my car and directly I went to Ubqari dawakhana, Muzang Chawongi, Lahore. From there I bought 10000 copies of “Azmoda wazaif say gharalo uljhano ka hal”. I went home asked my three servants to distribute these books to different places and I came back home. Believe me, from the same day my daughter recovered, I don’t know who has recited Allah’s name with how much pain and his problem solved because Allah makes me the source of his problem solved and mine too. Thanks to Allah Almighty my daughter discharge from hospital within a week and I am writing my experienced, my daughter is playing in front of me. (Khawaja Kame=ran, Lahore)


Readers, regardless of race or color, we are committed to serving the suffering humanity. You too should spread this light to others. Read this book yourself and spread it to the suffering people as much as possible. This book should be distributed to the people who are suffering in jails, courts, hospitals etc

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