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Children and use of TV, mobile

Ubqari Magazine - Monthly Ubqari Magazine October 2020


This page is devoted for the daily problems of females. Women should share their experiences and observations. They should write clearly on one side of the page.


Children and use of TV, mobile

“I have three kids. I am a teacher. I come home in the afternoon and become busy in household chores. I have noticed since last three months that my children have started watching TV a lot till 11 pm. They come home, complete their homework soon after that. My husband come home late, takes dinner and goes to bed. He does not care about me and children. I am worried that how I can teach my children that excessive use of mobile and watching TV till late night is not good.

Advice: Watching TV can negatively affect the eye sight. Mobile is even more dangerous. It also affects the training of children as well. When parents are not at home, Allah knows what type of program they will watch. On holidays, you should sit with children and talk to them in a friendly manner. Engage the father with family as he can better teach the children. Children should not watch TV more than two or three hours. Save them from the usage of mobile. Advise them to say prayers. Previously, children used to go to mosque with their parents and grandparents. Hence, they got used to this practice. You should bring good religious and historical books for children. They will be less attracted towards TV. They should be trained to go to sleep early so that they can say morning prayers. You can also make them busy in other works.


Treatment with wax

I get cracks in my heels. They become deep cuts which cause pain and make me helpless to walk. These cuts also bleed sometimes. Please recommend some treatment (Shehnaz Sehar- Gujranwala).

Advice: In winter, feet often get cracked. Boil turnips in water and dip heels in it for three to four days. Rub turnip pieces on heels. You can buy some organic wax. Take whatever oil is available – coconut, mustard or olive, warm it in some container. As the fumes come off from oil, mix some wax in it. Add 1.5 inch wax in ¼ cup of oil. Keep the heat low. When the wax melts, fill the cuts with it, it will reduce the pain and give immediate relief. Grind Henna leave and apply the soaked mixture to get relief. If you don’t have anything, apply some Desi ghee after mixing a bit salt in it. The cuts will be healed in five days.


Nutritious balls of sesame seeds

I received three to four letter in which people have asked how to make coconut balls. Miss Shakeela has also requested for advice for her mother. Please consult your family doctor before giving her these balls.


The ingredients of the balls are as follow:

Coconut 250 grams

Cardamom 2/ 3 pieces

Sugar 250 grams

Ghee 2 Table spoons

Full cream milk ¼ cup

Recipe: Warm the ghee and fry cardamom seeds in it. Keep the heat low. Add coconut and fry till light brown. Take off the stove and add sugar into it. Stir the spoon and put it on the stove, add milk, let it cool down, make balls or freeze it to cut into cubes like sweet. If the mixture gets hard, sprinkle some warm milk over it and make balls. Take some coconut on a separate plate. Dip the coconut balls in this powder and keep on one side. You can decrease the quantity of sugar. You can also use condensed milk. Eat these balls when empty stomach, while lying straight. Take breakfast after thirty minutes. Give dinner after Maghrib and one ball before sleeping. Elderly people can eat two balls to become physically and neurotically strong. Especially in winter, it will benefit the patients. These balls are also made by frying sooji in oil and adding sesame, nuts and sugar. Some people cook organic sugar, add sesame seeds and raisins by adding fried sooji and ghee.


What if Alfi drops on your clothes?

Alfi dropped on one of our expensive dresses and could not be removed. Please, advise about its solution. If it is shalwar, you can change the belt. If it is shirt, cut the lower front of the shirt, take a lace of similar color and join the piece which has been removed from belt of shalwar. The same can be done in case of sleeves. It will be a new design, and the suit will also be saved. It the suit is simple, you can take cloth of similar share, make some squares and stitch them on the shirt. Add some mirror in the middle of these pieces and do some embroidery. You can also get ready-made flowers from market and stitch on the shirt. You can add patch of the cloth, cut from belt, on the short. Your idea will not be wasted. You can change this suit into a different one with the help of your design. It will be liked by everyone.


Take prayers from parents and your problem will be solved.

M. Khan is a second year student. She writes that her life was stuck around a single point. Please help me to find a purpose of my life. I don’t like studies, I keep crying all the time. What should I do? I am not interested in anything? My mother is angry with me. Father also is not on good terms with me. I am worried myself. I am worried, what should I do?

I hide myself in my room and keep crying. If I open the book, I cannot assimilate it and my head gets dizzy. Please advise me.

Advice: Empty mind is the home to devil. You are not fond of studies. You are also not interested in household chores. Crying alone will not help you. Work is very important for life. Say five time sprayers regularly. Cry in front of your Allah when apostate. You will feel relief. You live with your parents. You owe them respect. Serve them and help them in domestic chores. Serve them, take prayers from them and steer your life away from hardships.



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