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Hoteling on weekend! It is not fashion, generation destruction!

Ubqari Magazine - Monthly Ubqari Magazine October 2020


The custom of eating out has become commonplace. Everybody seems to be keen on special and common food items and theses places are been established in various places. Eating out every weekend has become one of the most popular pastimes. It makes your mouth water when you see food but people don’t know how the foods is prepared. When we prepare our own food, we make sure that everything we use is Hygienic. There is nothing unhealthy in its preparation. When we eat it outside, it looks good, but it has to be clean These food prepared in food street and restaurant are very harmful to health which  cause harm to human body. The harm caused by these foods are given below.


Blood pressure 

Contaminated salt in the unhealthy food of substandard hotels can cause blood pressure disorders. The substandard oil used to make these compartments is harmful.


Food poisoning 

In substandard hotels and because of eating substandard and stale food, people usually get puffy. 

This causes vomiting, pain and abdominal pain, as well as fever, which leads to dehydration and sometimes hospitalization.



Harmful Health Oils used in foods contain acidic ingredients. Excessive acidity harms stomach. Causes ulcers Stomach and chest irritation and indigestion. 


Stomach pains

Eating Harmful Health Causes Stomach Pain. Most people suffer from it. 


Body odor

Eating unhealthy foods causes body odor and sweating. This is because the food we eat are excreted in the body are added to the sweat which cause body odor



Unhealthy foods cause the body to experience allergies. The presence of substandard ingredients in food can cause any allergy. And it is impossible to avoid them. 


Itchiness of Skin 

Substandard foods include itchy bodies that have a direct effect on the skin one of the most important skin problems is the appearance of wrinkles on the face which are caused by using a lot of greasy food. 



Eating out is a big reason of overweight. Most of the ingredients in these boxes contain the same amount of sugar, fat and salt. All of these things lead to obesity. Obesity is one of the health problems.



Excess fat in the body causes heaviness in body. The amount of fat in the body causes disease but included in healthy foods. Substandard oil causes high blood pressure.



Excessive amounts of unhealthy foods such as high in carbohydrate and sugar and lack of nutritious food can lead to overeating. The need is that if we get the control to eat out, we can be safe from these diseases if we fulfill our passion of making good food.

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