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Treatment of pakistan’s famous doctor with a totka

Ubqari Magazine - April 2020

In case of sore or painful throat: Mix fenugreek seeds and water. Drink it morning and night (or at least morning). This is a very beneficial chai and it prevents sore throat.

(Chaudhry Muhammad Fayyaz, Lahore) 

Respected Hazrat Hakeem Sahab, Aslam-o-Alaikum! I have been associated with the Tasbeeh Khana for the past 14 years. Alhamdulillah! Every Ubqari Magazine always passes by my gaze, if I do not read it, I feel restless. In all the ups and downs of my life, Ubqari helped me to get through them. The wazaif I found in it were very advantageous for me. If I had not found Ubqari and become attached to it, I would have been stumbling around in this vast world but no! Ubqari made me better and taught me the correct way of doing things. Today, I am living a successful life and behind my success is the wazaif of Ubqari and the experiences and advice of the readers. Alhamdulillah! I have my own business and I also travel both within and outside of Pakistan. This leads to me having several new experiences and adventures which I keep writing in Ubqari from time to time so that I continue to contribute to its work in some way and this may become beneficial for my generations to come. Few days ago, my in-laws came to visit including my father-in-law. We had a long conversation about the different methods and wazaif mentioned in the Ubqari Magazine. He told me about one of the most unique experiences in his life and because Ramadan is near hence, I quickly wrote it in the Ubqari Magazine so that millions of people can take advantage of it. 

Now let us get to the incident exactly as told by my father-in-law:

30 years back from today, a very popular doctor used to work at Jail Road. Getting an appointment was extremely difficult even for those belonging to the elite class. Foreigners from America, Canada, England etc. Also used to come to him for treatment. When I (father-in-law) heard about this doctor, I also made an appointment after much trouble and went to visit him. I had a few issues related to my health. After meeting with the doctor 2 to 4 times, I became familiar with him. On one appointment, I took some good dates as a gift for him. He happily accepted the gift and when he opened it, he smiled and said, “I am very grateful to receive such an amazing gift but I cannot eat dates.” I was shocked. I asked him, “Why, doctor? What is the reason for not being able to eat dates?” The doctor held a date in his hand with envy and explained that if he were to eat them even by mistake then it would cause blisters to erupt inside his mouth. To cure this, he has to eat anti-biotics and consume only liquids for at least 2 to 3 days. I was quite surprised that despite being such a famous doctor he was suffering such a problem himself. I asked him nervously if he believed in totkas (traditional methods) He was startled. He put the dates to one side, took of his glasses and also put them on the table then asked me what I meant. I told him that I had a totka which if he used, he could eat as many dates as he want without having to worry about getting mouth blisters in fact, and the dates will help improve his health. After listening to me, he let out a loud chuckle and brought his hand down hard upon the table. He barely reined in his laughter and said, “Brother! What time periods are you referring to? I am such a big doctor. I have a huge income. To see me, important officials and ministers wait in line. My name is known even in Europe. I have not been able to cure myself and you are telling me that a totka will do so.” 

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