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Born Friend of Jinnat, Allama Lahuti Pur Asaraari

Ubqari Magazine - February 2020

For excellent memory: A person desiring exemplary memory should recite ‘Al Aleemo’ 21 times and do dum on water and drink for 40 days without an interval.

How do the Jinnat change appearances?

You might have heard it sometime that Jinnat change into different shapes and appearances, how do they change into different appearances? How do they come into different shapes? Come, I will tell you some happenings of it, will tell you as this is true also and a fact too, Allah Almighty with his complete authority has given the strength and power and authority to Jinnat to change into various appearances and humans cannot change into different shapes, but Jinnat surely change their shapes and whenever they change, they look 100% similar to the appearance of some other creation, no person can see it nor can judge it.

In the first place, the being of Jinnat itself is doubtful

I was sitting at a place that someone narrated me certain instances about Jinnat taking different appearances which had happened before him, an educated and holding a good position person immediately spoke that, in the first place, the being of Jinnat itself is doubtful, whether the Jinnat exist or not, these are all stories of practitioners and people playing tricks and even if the Jinnat exist, they are an invisible creation which cannot be seen, then how come their changing of appearances is possible, everyone heard this serious but bitter words of his and the strange thing was that this person was absolutely satisfied upon his statement and belief. I do not know what crossed my mind that I said to him: Come, let’s see that how do the Jinnat change their appearances? I immediately informed the cook Jin and told him that you yourself and your family also come to me, I told one Jin to become a fly and to bug this person, who is not convinced of your being, bug him a little bit. In a little while, a fly came buzzing, it sat on his nose, then on hand, conversation was on, he was delivering a fiery speech, in a hateful expression he was denying the existence of Jinnat and their changing of appearances. The fly had irritated him, and he was trying to kill the fly, in a while he took a newspaper that when fly will sit on my hand, I will fold the newspaper and would kill it, but every time, fly would fly away and the newspaper would hit on his own arm and hand.

How can a Jin become a fly?

His conversation was less harsh now due to the fly and his fiery speech started reducing, in a little while I said to him: Who knows this fly himself might be a Jin, do you believe it? He said, these are the things due to which you people are misled, fly is after all a fly, and now a days weather is also such that fly would buzz around, keep on coming, how can a Jin bug a person by becoming a fly or a fly can become a Jin and come close to a person? I told him that now this fly will become a wasp, hearing this, he laughed, within a while, a black colour wasp uttering dangerous sounds came close to him and again and again was coming to bite him, there was fear on his face, I said: Do not move away from this place, I told the son of cook Jin to hold his legs. He did it and his legs were fixed to the floor, now his helplessness, and reduction in his rudeness and aggression started.

Forgive me! My knowledge is little

The amazing thing was that the black wasp was coming towards his right and left in a dangerous way, sometimes upon his hand, forehead, upon face, and he was continuously trying to send it away by waving his hand, not much time had passed, and within few minutes he started shouting helplessly and said: Forgive me, my knowledge is little, before this he was a big scientist of this world, was a scholar too, a thinker and a man of wisdom too, author of books also, ocean of knowledge and mountain of pride, and what not? But within few minutes, his expression, his appearance and his way were changed and made him so humble that he became helpless and the person sitting by, who was narrating his circumstances, now he was saying that dear brother, yes it is true.

From dog to horrible witch story?

Once I was going that I found a puppy, it was extremely cold and it was shivering with cold, I thought that I should be of some service, and I did it, protected it from cold and kept it in a warm place but the more I took it to the warm place the more bigger its body would become, so much so that it became a vicious big dog, I was afraid and I ran, then I saw an old lady who was also shivering, again, I thought that this old lady might be the same dog, but the old lady within a short while would sometimes become a young lady, sometimes would laugh loud, sometimes would become an old lady, within a little while she became a dangerous witch who had long teeth, scattered hair, twisted nails and a horrible voice. So much so, that I started sweating, I ran, then saw big groups of ants and so much of them that there seem to be a wall of them, when I jumped over it, few ants stuck to me and started biting me. Then I went to home and narrated all this before my mother. She recited some holy verses of Allah Almighty and did dum (blew air) on me, within a while, the door of our house opened up and few people, children, old, young about 20-25 people came and sat in our house and started pleading, that do not read these holy verses.

Do no recite, our son will burn

All the mistake is of our son, he teases everyone who passes by, he did not know that you have Ism e Azam and holy verses, they were crying and begging, finally said: Do not recite it, our son will burn, will die, will turn into dust, our son is young, we have to get him married, preparation of his wedding is being carried out, have mercy upon us, when mother heard all this, she opened her eyes, took an oath from them, and forgave them. Then, they disappeared in a while.

Few moments ago, all this talk seem it to be useless and by some thinker or an anchor person, totally invalid and from stone age, seem to be just show off, but, within a while, all the happening suddenly changed. Before it was a fly, then a wasp, what to talk of wasp? That thinker, sat down like he was effervescence, I was quietly watching this scene, before this, whatever he said regarding Allah Almighty, Holy Prophet ﷺ, Sahaba رضی اللہ عنھم اجمعین (companions of Holy Prophet ﷺ), Ahl e Bait, Saints and pious personalities and whatever rude language he had used about them, he should have been punished, if his punishment would have let to seeking for forgiveness then he would not have learned the lesson, it was necessary that he learned the lesson, system of punishment and reward is of Allah Almighty, within a while, I said to Cook Jin that all of you become wasps and irritate him a lot from all around and give him a lesson of this insult.

He has insulted Holy Personalities

Now another wasp came, then second, then third and now there was shadow of wasps, his shouts and his crying, he could not run away, his lower body could not move, now he was trying to get rid of wasps with his head and arms, there was saliva coming out of his mouth, crying, tears and shouts, people from here and there gathered. I told this sad person: Whenever people come and ask what is this? Say, that I had narrated a story, he had insulted holy personalities and had said that this is all lie, deceive, fraud and just show off, now people had started coming, every person would come and ask that what happened, so much so that his wife came, his children came, nobody else was willing to come close to him, fear of wasps was such that nobody would think of coming close to him. One hour was passed to all this trouble and struggle, so much so that I saw his humbleness and his desperation, his seeking for forgiveness again and again, from Allah Almighty and his Holy Prophet ﷺ, Aal e Rasool, Ashab e Rasool, Saints, and pious people from this humble person himself with whom this had happened, his asking for forgiveness and when his pleading increased.

Now, he should be forgiven

When his seeking for forgiveness peaked, then I thought that now he should get it and immediately I asked the cook Jin: That he and his family should leave, within a while, all the wasps vanished, all the system of wasps stopped in a moment, his feet were released, he got up and fell to the ground and kept his forehead on the ground, he did not know the direction of Kibla (Holy Kaaba) but again and again he was saying that O’ Allah forgive me, I have challenged your power, I do not know who you are? How powerful you are? He was sobbing so much so that perhaps even the children would not cry as much as he was crying and he was continuing to cry. I remember his crying even today and even now, I remember his crying and helplessness, his shouts and shouting in such a way that a normal person will also start crying, upon his crying all the crowd which was gathered, was also crying and his humbleness made me cry so much that I started crying myself and had a realization that how a human being is and how powerful Allah Almighty is, a human expresses his helplessness and weakness in a moment and is finished.

Nature has given this power to Jinnat

This is not only one happening, there are many such happenings that I have seen such Jinnat that they change their appearance, shape etc. in a moment, how can they change themselves, they have the ability to change into anything whether living or not and they have this power, Sustainer (Allah Pak) has given them this authority, power and effect. Even a reasonable man gets confused. I had to go in a house and over there, spiders would make their web, people of this house use to say that we remove the web and came back in the room and saw that again the web is there, whereas spiders cannot make the web so soon.

I realized that actually they are Jinnat

After all what is this? They were tired of removing the web and the spiders and had become helpless. I understood that actually these are Jinnat who are doing all this, I told them that there is no harm, your problem will be solved. I told them about certain recitation of verses of Holy Quran that they should do it in their house. In few days, they said: Now, we see dead spiders in our house and we feel that all the heaviness upon our house and all the system which came to us in form of webs of spiders has finished. Actually, they were Jinnat who were possessing their house and they use to make webs at different places, so that depression and sadness is felt and these people leave this house due to this, and the house becomes a inhabited ghost house and all of them get scared and go away, but it would not happen so and the Jinnat themselves ran away by getting scared and a lot of them died and were burnt.

Oh, this is an attack of Jinnat!

Another story is that in the area dedicated to animals by a farmer, a strange sickness spread out, the skin of the animals would tear apart, blood, puss and mucous would come out, they use to get tired by doing medical treatment and when the sickness would intensify then ants would come out of the ground and would surround the whole of animal, so much so the animal would be in agony and would die. Many medicines were used, to apply on the body also and to be fed to the animals and to kill the ants on the ground too, but the ants would go in the ground in a moment and then would come out again later on. When this situation was brought in my notice, I said that this is an attack of Jinnat and all this, is happening due to the Jinnat system. I immediately told them about few Holy Quranic acts, they performed those Holy Quranic acts, but did not continue for a long time and left it, there was some relief but then more severe attack happened, they again came, I insisted and made them realize and again gave them the same Qurani acts, and they benefitted and all the sickness and pain of their animals ended. Where did those ants and insects go, was amazing, the strange thing was that they spent hundreds and thousands of rupees in the medical treatment as they had a cattle farm, they had kept a lot of expensive cows in their farm, they had become fed up and were tired of all the medical treatments and now they had become helpless. It was an extreme of helplessness (continued)

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